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17:20 01/02/2017

Carlos Estévez. Does anyone know what happened to him?

09:11 19/12/2016

It's AIM. It's good news. So of course the share price will get hammered today.

18:58 12/12/2016

One more thing. I'd like to see them use cashflow to expand operationally (e.g. buy new mines). I think they're competent to grow. What I don't want to see is a dividend. I'd see that as the main investors wanting to make a quick buck, at the expense of the company's long term prospects (as they are high cost).

18:48 12/12/2016

Interesting to hear they are thinking of adding more mines. This seems to be a fairly standard strategy in the industry. The aim is to obtain a re-rating in the share price, driven by the much lower operational and revenue risk inherent to a company with multiple mines. Especially since Atalaya's current mine is high-opex. Greenfield mines tend to be low-opex. I hope this sheds some light on the issue. The caviat is always: 1) will they buy at a reasonable price and 2) are they technically competent enough to turn this into a solid second mine? 1) is critical but I think we might be okay as long as we have Trafigura etc. overseeing the process. 2) Here I have to say that I'm extremely, extremely pleased with the current management (Lavandeira).

20:13 22/11/2016

Can anyone remember the conversion price please? Trying to work out how much longer I will be in this hole!

12:18 08/06/2016

SP Angel's note out this morning on Research Tree... "Atalaya Minerals has hosted an analysts visit to demonstrate progress on the Proyecto Rio Tinto. It is apparent that, with a committed and energetic team at the helm, the project is ramping up to the planned 9.5mtpa rate of the phase 2 development smoothly and is well placed to meet or improve upon the target date of achieving this throughput by Q3 this year. The ramp-up of production is proceeding well, and we look forward to further news on possible resource/reserve updates and upgrades."

12:34 27/05/2016

SP Angel's note is on Research Tree... "Atalaya Mining reports that “Based upon the considerable progress made during the commissioning of the Expansion, the Company anticipates that production ramp-up to the full rate of 9.5Mtpa will be achieved during Q3 2016, earlier than anticipated... Atalaya has brought the Rio Tinto operations back to production under budget and ahead of schedule. Production is ramping up and management is predicting a further decline in costs to below the US$2.20/lb achieved during the first two months of commercial production..."

10:54 07/03/2016

Re: can not buy, no problem buying today, just this website is a bit dodgy with pricing today

10:54 07/03/2016

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