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22:33 02/01/2021

Misplaced trust - assessing the case for compensating Woodford investors [link]

21:19 02/01/2021

The recording and slides from the ShareSoc webinar on the Woodford Campaign on 17th Dec can be found here: [link]

12:40 23/11/2020

Do check out our website for more details and latest updates on our campaign, if interested.

12:39 23/11/2020

Hi all, we have just started our Woodford Campaign. We have these main objectives: to facilitate communication between Woodford investors to help affected Woodford investors seek compensation for their losses where possible to ensure that those who contributed to those losses through action or inaction are held to account to bring about changes in the regulations and regulatory enforcement to ensure this type of scandal does not happen again.

10:31 04/06/2018

Does anyone know why Woodford sold the entire holding in listed VC firm Draper Esprit (Ticker: GROW)? This company would seem to align very well with Woodfords previously stated aims and values, and gives instant exposure to a large stable of promising early stage tech. companies which is managed by folks with a very good track record in VC?

08:02 05/09/2015

It is also interesting to see ALM,IPO & IG fall behind WPCT since launch and Neil's ~10% improved performance against Invesco since departing

07:58 05/09/2015

The risk appears worth it to me as there is value in the new interesting investment areas as opposed to just investing in safer established Companies.

07:58 05/09/2015

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