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09:26 05/06/2015

Bugle, yes, the LSE team tend to look at every word here forensically before sending off complaints to the DTM admin! I hope they can help on this occasion.

I too remember the bunting and celebrations and I find it difficult to believe that PIs haven't questioned the motives of those involved with unearthing this 'research' gem. Was it someone connected to the Google 'if you knew what we knew' Group perhaps?

Not sure how some people sleep at night.

09:05 05/06/2015

Schaden, Heaven forbid that I would accuse anyone of trying to mislead the boards for their own gain, or aid someone else in deceit. It did seem strange at the time and even stranger that nothing has been mentioned of it since. I know most of those on lse bb read this page too so maybe they have read this and could explain. Not sure who it was now but I remember they got a lot of praise from others.