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12:59 08/02/2019

I'm still looking for a home! ii have made such a mess of their site. Looks like there are some familiar names here. So hello everyone

14:59 11/08/2018

Hi All, can i check with you all, when do you think the Enquest will issue the Final full acceptance for Bumi Armada? Any ideas? Tq

20:12 12/03/2016

ENQUF on OTCMKTS is up 32% I wouldn't want to be short next week just like pmo before its results due, shorters gonna burn muhahahah, the bottom is at 10.5p and poo is increasing enq sp is increasing and enq is similar to pmo got debt, north sea assets, and that bottomed at 20p and after result now is 50p and same can happen to enq and lots of buys last week and a large buy on friday ebfore close gla

14:51 07/12/2015

Unfortunately, I need this to be near 60p again. Let's hope tomorrow brings better news!

14:15 28/10/2015

Read more about the First Oil from Alma/Galia Field, North Sea at [link]

20:26 06/05/2015

bought these at 62 , 52 , 23 looking like a good thing now expect price to fall tomorrow but will continue long term growth .

13:26 18/12/2014

I think Enq will re-bound to 71p by end of Feb and then hover around at that price. I think with the continued oil crisis and uncertainty it looks like it is going to carry on for a while. Esp. with New North Sea projects (new projects being worthless with oil at $60pb). I do not think we will see the £1 price for quite a while.

15:13 17/12/2014

The Alma Galia field, if/when it comes on stream mid year is forecast to have a production cost of over $90 per barrel

12:57 12/12/2014

But if the credit is withheld part way through 2015 (because oil is too low ie the banks wont take the risk) they are short of cash, ...they can issue more shares to raise cash but the share price will be battered for current holders

12:52 12/12/2014

As has been noted not all oil is hedged in 2015. Alma if it comes on stream has a production cost of $90 (I have read) would not be surprised if its postponed because they will make a loss on every barrel at any oil price below that. This is partly why they need more credit (to pay for the cappex)