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16:42 22/11/2019

Requisition of General Meeting - The requisition proposes that shareholders be asked to consider ordinary resolutions to remove all the current directors from the Board (being Charles Tatnall, James Longley and Tim Cottier) and to appoint Nicholas Lee, David Horner and Dr Nigel Burton to the board of the Company.

09:53 20/11/2019

Sounds like this could be the beginning of the end for Plutus. What a complete cock-up the board have made of this.

15:38 29/06/2018

Roll on the winter! Still no news and the SP continues to fall back. I'm still highly positive about Plutus, but it's just going to take a lot longer than I originally thought. Will continue to hold though and may even top up.

15:42 12/04/2018

What a depressing start to the spring - down again today by nearly 9%. We need some good news.

15:07 12/02/2018

From Plutus via Twitter: the three #rockpool funded sites we are building this year are a double site in Marchwood and a single site at Selby. This will bring diesel sites to 180 mw in 2018.

10:13 07/02/2018

I've topped up again this morning. Very difficult to see how this can do anything but go north. Once the auctions are completed (and assuming Plutus do well, which I'm sure they will), I think we'll then see the SP start to move. I think 2/3 years from now, we'll all regard this as one of our best investments.

09:36 02/02/2018

A bit of reassurance from Plutus on Twitter; Worth reminding our investors that our 15 year capacity mechanism contracts start in 2019 with £360K per site annually and then 3 more with £450k per year from 2020.

10:46 11/01/2018

Nice tweet from PPG - may help to lift some of the gloom surrounding the dropping SP: Ipswich connection to grid imminent. just missed our end of 2017 target but we are ready.Happy New Year!! So much more to come.

12:39 01/11/2017

Tweet just put out by Plutus; 'Happy November!! #PPG - should be exciting for us.' Hopefully, exciting for us all!

15:02 10/10/2017

Engines now being installed at Ipswich and Stowmarket just about ready for testing. Getting closer every day!