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17:07 13/05/2014

Today they seem to have found another 1.7 mil shares against sold???????????

17:03 13/05/2014

Only way forward is for ALL the Pis to form a consortium.......

17:01 12/05/2014

750k sold 3 mil bought where did the extra 2 mil plus come from? not the 1st time,,,

19:01 06/05/2014

Kick it down the road.

19:00 06/05/2014

Capital structure looks over 50% to me, so is the time they kiss the PI assess and

16:38 29/04/2014

Tic, tic

14:01 29/04/2014

Management buy out??? Maybe they want to steal it..be interesting if we knew who's shares they are, because after 3 weeks they must be from the same source.

18:33 16/04/2014

Seem to remember way back in the RNS that many millions have been spent on second hand fully working plant? please correct me if im wrong...

18:28 16/04/2014

Well done Pally

09:52 16/04/2014

Thanks Mr W,