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17:39 17/06/2014

Re New article. EMED no P.R. or not bothered? ?

19:56 12/06/2014

Excessive moaning..... There is very much an upside to AGM.. They are going to start drlling in the next 4 to 6 weeks, to a depth that so far has not been reached even by Rio Tinto.. this can be ONLY to prove resources are probably 5 to 10 times what is known at moment.. Well done EMED you have your priorities right, once these resources are proved this mine is not going CHEAP.

13:17 11/06/2014

Is Rod getting stuck into the fosters?

15:19 04/06/2014

Don't worry about finance, anyone who is a genuine investor knows that there is a timescale to avoid pis extra costs. Sit tight, mms and shorters will lose ALL their gains. Happy days. ...

08:14 26/05/2014

Quakers. . Your point is....????

23:14 25/05/2014

The same shares have been B@B for the last few months, No PIs are selling. ????

18:08 22/05/2014

small holding............. Your point IS .............

14:46 17/05/2014

re. future intentions.. does this mean rights issue to raise 20 mil. ?

09:17 15/05/2014

820,000 sold at 08.37hrs - may be case of fat fingers hitting sell instead of buy!

17:07 13/05/2014

and still it drops.....