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15:27 29/09/2019

That ( X ) buy 29 August 2017 ( year after N & R ) the second of three mad buys .

15:19 29/09/2019

Just seen i bought 154,777 @ 0.8p £1244 ( X ) hopefully that all... total loss £6075

15:04 29/09/2019

Forum on ADVFN same log in .. left message re - wisdom of the preference shares on delist

16:08 28/09/2019

On ( D ) Record of buy 19 August 2015 @ 14p ( i hope that is first buy ) 6700 @ 14p..cost £938... Then 8th October 2015 9100 @ 11p cost £1001....Then the madness 23 August 2017 when smart bailing on delisting 2090 @ 1.1p £2090...last 1st September 1293 @ 0.62p £802.Loss here £4831 + Four years of interest on first buy... Hint below more in ( X )

15:32 28/09/2019

Looking back this was madness i wonder if the prefrence holders will get anything they had a coupon of 8% so at least they got those payouts back.

15:12 28/09/2019

Woodford hit by collapse of Sphere Medical as funding dries up By Daniel Grote 26 Sep, 2019 3 Comments Embattled fund manager Neil Woodford has been hit by the collapse of Sphere Medical, his first-ever investment in the Woodford Patient Capital (WPCT) investment trust, less than three months after he provided fresh funding to the business. The troubled diagnostics firm appointed KPMG as administrators on Tuesday after running out of funding.  Woodford has ploughed an estimated £17 million into the business since first investing in 2015 at the launch of his Patient Capital investment trust. The stock is also held in his suspended Woodford Equity Income fund, though the position is negligible and was valued at just £25,000 at the end of June. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads Woodford Patient Capital and the Omnis Income & Growth fund Woodford ran for financial advice group Openwork have provided the most recent sources of funding for the business. Both funds supported a £5 million fundraise by the business in 2017, when Sphere warned it needed an immediate cash injection in order to survive. Patient Capital invested £3 million and the Omnis fund £1 million as Sphere delisted from the Alternative Investment Market, saying the move would allow Woodford to invest more in the business by removing 'fund restrictions for public market investments'. The trust shouldered £3.2 million of a £4 million cash call the following year, with Omnis Income & Growth funding the remainder. Woodford provided fresh funding as recently as July this year, as Sphere raised a further £1 million, having backed a £2 million cash call in March. KPMG partner Steve Absolom has been appointed joint administrator of the business alongside Will Wright. 'Sphere Medical has developed an innovative biosensor technology, but unfortunately, has run out of the funding required to enable the technology to achieve the necessary regulatory approvals for it to be commercially developed,' he said. 'An opportunity now exists for a new investor or partner to come forward and harness the potential of Proxima, as we put the technology and associated assets up for sale.' Sphere Medical's collapse highlights the precarious position for early stage companies that had relied on funding from Woodford as their principal backer. Link Fund Solutions, administrator of Woodford Patient Capital, this morning announced it was writing down the value of three of the trust's holdings to 'reflect the challenging fundraising environment for these businesses which may impact their ability to, or the level at which, they may be able to raise capital in the near-term'. Funding for these businesses had come from Woodford Equity Income, which amassed heavy holdings in unquoted companies, early stage company-focused Woodford Patient Capital and the smaller Omnis Income & Growth fund. But all three sources of cash have now largely dried up. Woodford is selling out of hard-to-trade smaller stocks and seeking to offload unquoted companies from his flagship fund as he seeks to secure the lifting of its suspension in December. Northern Trust, the bank providing the lending facility for Patient Capital, meanwhile has the power of veto over any further investments while the level of borrowing is reduced. Woodford lost the mandate to run the Omnis Income & Growth fund in the immediate aftermath of the suspension of Woodford Equity Income, with the running of the fund passed to Jupiter in July.

15:11 28/09/2019

News on site link below it has gone into administration but article did not copy properly .

15:06 28/09/2019
12:07 06/07/2019

Pleasantly surprised to find chat page On ADVFN .. recent posts post and so many ... same log in as this one .

13:11 26/07/2018

Sent e-mail today about an 8 million fund raise by Woodford not sure if its some sort of share placing no details given .