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09:40 10/04/2019

TRADING UPDATE? : Is there going to be another trading up date in April? Last year it was on the 19th.

08:17 25/05/2018

GIVE TELECOM PLUS THEIR DUE...….Smith you are comparing Apples with Grapes. Like comparing Aldi and Lidl with Waitrose and Whole Foods. Also in the latest Trading update it is reported that the number of new partners joining each month has been running consistently at 600-800 throughout the year. To qualify as a Partner one has to sign up 10 new members.If the Partner cannot make much further progress in the business he still has produced new clients. True that competition has intensified but still TEP has strong brand in Market with recent WHICH award for top brand. Perhaps M&A coming soon?

18:28 09/11/2017

Latest Finncap target price is £13.90

16:35 29/06/2017

RE:TENDER OFFER-The only way to find out what was the reasoning behind this is to come to the shareholders AGM on the 20th July and ask the Board of Directors.

17:12 19/05/2017

WHICH? 2017 awards: Telecom Services Provider of the Year: UTILITY WAREHOUSE ! Onwards and upwards

09:23 24/11/2016

RE: RESULTS: PS The 5000 signing up would tend to me a better quality client than average due to the fact that the Company only accepts people who pay by Direct Debit unlike the others. 5000 good quality customers are worth far more than the mass who constantly switch the whole time. Why is it that you get your forecast so wrong after your 'deep research' from a £6 pound share price,the failure of the MLM model,the failure to reach 600,000 customers and so on? Any way the Pantomime season is approaching and to see the clowns I have only to look at your postings on this site.

16:30 13/10/2016

Re: Jack W Smith mentions Avon having a tough time may be but look where they with $10 billion circa annual sales-Then there is AMWAY with $9.5billion annual sales and Herbalife with $3.8billion annual sales. All these companies used the MLM model to get where they are now. Sure the sales may be falling off now but you can hardly call this a failure of the MLM model-despite the opinion of our Financial Adviser of the year on this forum.

13:12 21/09/2016

RE: £11 People will also notice many more paper bills, worse customer service,a deal that only lasts for a short time, and the likely hood that their provider will go bust as other than the big six all are trading at a loss.

14:06 13/07/2016

PHEW SFB! : A very succinct reply to Psmith his dream company would be like Euphony-one of our original competitors-I have just been reminded they went into liquidation in 2009!

14:24 25/06/2016

CMA investigation into Energy Markets: Final report published Friday-Database to be set up by OFGEM requiring suppliers to give them details of all customers who have been on their default tariff for more than 3 years,which will go on a secure database. This will allow rival suppliers to contact people by letter and offer cheaper deals. Customers can opt out if they want from this exercise. Any comments on this from users of this discussion site?