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15:08 19/07/2019

PERSEUS... G.T.C .. Limit on all this month lifted last night @ 69c ( 0.69 ) looks like high was 73c broker cancord put target out over 100.

12:43 06/07/2019

This dropped back to 0.53c by 1st July but has now climbed back to 0.625 c ( a V )

14:28 22/06/2019

I now have slightly more then before i sold half of holding and purchased all the warrants. No idea if i am anywhere near what i paid for Amara.

14:20 22/06/2019

Had Easter and Pentecost since still at it ..on Sunday 17th June noticed there had been a rise here so sliced the last buy for 0.53c had set limit above recent high , no e-mail lucky looked @ transactions , on the Wednesday thought i try luck and put in limit for another slice @ 0.55c. Woke on Thursday to find that had lifted on a 21% rise to 64c . THIS is a five year high but was much higher years before that but maybe other matters involved going that far back. On Friday 21st June it did fall back a little to 0.58 before closing @ 60c.

11:48 15/04/2019

Put another order in Palm Sunday buy @ 0.445p ..woke to find e-mail 4.42am it had lifted ..... trading view chart shows price dipped to low at this time ( shows chart British time ) i think they are just 9 hours ahead now we are on summer time, as clock showed 11.36 am here was 20.36 Sydney .

10:14 01/04/2019

Had order in for 0.45 ( dropped to 0.445 ) warrants 0.44 .. dropped a little to 0.455 before Finnish to close 0.47.

14:49 31/03/2019

This chat site only goes back to 2nd Dec 2014. can see wiinny was keen June 2015 , and in Dec 2015 but lambrini not keen. the bid by Persueus was on 29th Feb 2016, Amara had been 14.6p winny liked it. I topped up 29th feb 2016 @ 12p , Deal went through 18th April 2016 which is why warrens are up now ( 3 years ) Talk of London relist in may 2016 never happened. In hindsight should of sold the high of Dec 2016 @ 0.58c it bottomed 0.28c June 2017 in hindsight a good buy opp .

16:40 27/03/2019

It now looks like it dealt at 00.8 which would make it 11.08 Sydney time three days later looks good move as its come back to 0.5 level maybe more people same idea with warrants ? 0.44 to 0.515 = 16% .

14:54 25/03/2019

The limit i noticed Monday morning, lifted before midnight Sunday 24th march. they are 11hours ahead , Sydney times 10am to 4pm. Can not see history of trades appears price went up 5% to 53.5 ? no idea of spread. Quick e-mail back from company warrants do expire 19 April. .

16:41 23/03/2019

Trading View has better chart then hot copper , and notices something about warrents expiring 19th April .