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23:19 09/02/2019

The warrant price appears to be 44 c ( forwardloop ) 31 August 2016... 36 months ( 3 years ) this August you could buy for less up until now . sell what i have and use to buy @ 44 if move higher after .

19:32 22/12/2018

This is how i came to obtain the Perseus shares ( D ) Had them somewhere else before .

12:26 10/05/2016

Re: Perseus shares that's 12 months. What about short term, when will that show a live price?

17:21 03/05/2016

I've been told it could take 6-8 weeks from 19th April. This is because the shares have to be recognised in a different stock exchange.

07:37 20/04/2015

well thats some pretty mazing news out this morning - fully funded until the end of 2016....

08:50 08/04/2015

Right, reading through the technical report issued, the positive news (Which I think we all know), is that this is an amazing prospect. The bad news is that to bring the confidence level up to a measured category is going to require what is a currently unplanned level of infill drilling. This level is required to produce a Final Feasibility Study and the costs are going to be astronomical. Realistically I do not believe that Amara are oing to be able to achieve this and will probably get swallowed up by one of the big boys who can readily access the funding required to bring this project to fruition.

15:24 07/04/2015


18:09 06/04/2015

investing in sierra leone? think again

13:13 28/03/2015

this brought the sp down

14:05 22/03/2015

fresh news of ebola