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13:11 08/02/2019

Well, i'm back in at 177/178, smallish position for the moment.

13:01 08/02/2019

That is very strange, I've just registered here and yet I see that my thread from ii is published here, that's a bit of a surprise.

12:01 24/08/2017
11:13 24/03/2017

RNS yesterday indicate Parvus Asset Management Europe Limited's stake in WMH has now gone above 17%...quite a big chunk. Active investor may be about to get more active...is it worth riding their coat-tails? What d'yall think?

11:16 25/03/2016

Gambling has been done since the year dot and the desire to gamble is hardwired into the human - especially male - brain. There is a place for a responsible, regulated gambling industry in society. We don't need to become all 'nanny state' about every single thing that has some potential for collateral damage; otherwise the world would become a very boring place.

15:43 24/07/2014
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Down today after Labour have suggested that if they get into power they would look to put further levies on the bookies to support grassroots sport ...

19:43 25/06/2014
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This share price needs to start shooting up soon , especially with world cup , royal ascot , Wimbledon , surely !

10:03 24/06/2014
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why is short selling of stock allowed when price is still being forced down

10:01 24/06/2014
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why is short selling of stock allowed

12:45 23/05/2014
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* You're right, that should have read..