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20:53 22/05/2018

Getting desperate Jakxxxt oil will soon be >1000 bopd .....lovely jubbly!

16:07 13/05/2018

Damp Seaweed re Jacks**t and confirmation bias, have you had an irony bypass op Seaweed! lol

10:59 09/05/2018

JakS**t - Please announce yourself at the meeting.

14:10 01/05/2018

JakNife ---Frr will be employing the same technology that has been deployed in so many US oil fields to make previously dormant oil flow. IMO they are not involved for the oil it's the gas that really will be the game changer for FRR. Can smell those shorts burning from here!!!

13:19 26/04/2018

Great post Symore and duknweve, Funky Gibbon Sounds to me that you may be suffering from water on the brain in your desperate attempts to short this stock!

16:15 11/11/2017

the work on the well is being done by Uniserve (using no doubt a lot of the credits shareholders here took a beating over in dilution in 2016!). They have not said who is doing the testing/perforation but we know Weatherford are their current favoured specialist service provider and they designed the tests for UD2 in 2015/16 so for me Weatherford would be the most likely (go on bugsy get searching for any Weatherford Georgia links!). I'm not sure they will move the plug lower especially if they have started perforating - someone who works in the industry would be better placed to comment as I tend to apply common sense and risk assessment when I look at things like this. We know they have to be very careful with these wells UD1 which was 10m away seemed to have severe problems controlling the well and while the first 2000m of the soviet wells tends to be Ok the lower you go the more trouble they had drilling and cementing. They have been careful to cover both the deeper Gareji and Oligocene formations ("extended testing of three target gas bearing intervals of Oligocene-aged, Lower Miocene-aged and Middle Miocene-aged reservoirs, located between 2620m - 3320m"). So I would be surprised if they went beyond the 700m section they have available to test in 15m runs and went lower as I suspect they will learn enough from this large section already without the risk, cost and complications of retrieving the plugs on a well they have just perforated and which we hope is already building up multi zone flows. All it would do is introduce more delays in monetising. If they want to do that they could shift over to V18 or v10 which seems to be the plan in 2018 anyway. Also that depth is also where in Dino the comingling on the oil became problematic due to pressure differentials and that may be a factor here as well.

16:15 11/11/2017

Re PSI on LSE from Mr Mole:

12:12 01/06/2016

Support 0.28ish. Sp should rise in days coming

20:03 03/05/2016

As predicted sp towards sub 0.30

12:31 27/04/2016

The next placing will drive the sp to sub 0.30p