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21:40 03/01/2019

RNS AIM Delisting - Frontera Resources Corporation 04/01/2019 70am UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Frontera (LSE:FRR) RNS Number : 3997FozTiT

17:11 30/12/2018

This company is dead. Not coming back. No nomad will touch them. There were so many red flags here there was no reason to have nay money on the table. Company stinks

13:03 04/11/2018

Initiative Q - Off Topic Here's another link [link]

08:12 12/10/2018

It does seem a little worrying that FRR now are in legal spats with their 2 largest creditors. Outrider are now looking to secure their rights over the assets. This doesn't bode well and FRR obviously trying to stop them doing it. I can't see how they can do any farm out deals when they have arbitration ongoing over the licence and now major issues with Outrider. Does none of this concern you?

15:44 14/09/2018

T39 EWT started on 4th July so 72 days now. Testing is most likely being directed by the requirements of the 2 majors who will want to be sure of any drop off rates before they commit to invest

16:10 05/09/2018

HPC: Zaza said in the LSE interview that only 2 wells were suitable to be reworked. Everything else would be new wells.

09:32 29/08/2018

Today's SP. There was a sell of 6.8 million shares. 0.04% of the company. Anyone who thinks that is a massive sell is a fool or a shorter.

19:48 06/08/2018

Average_Dave, I think you have misinterpreted the RNS. It states ' The intention is to continue to test the combined flow of Zones 14 and 15 and within a period of approximately 60 days, perforate and mechanically stimulate Zone 9 and produce from all target zones together. ' I take that to mean, assuming their punctuation is correct, that within 60 days of the start of testing zones 14 and 15, they will then add zone 9 in. There is no timeframe for the conclusion of the testing of the 3 zones together. The only timeframe I have heard was in the first podcast where Zaza talked about testing the 3 wells for 3-4 weeks. That was 2 weeks ago, so I think a more realistic timeframe is another 1-2 weeks.

08:13 25/07/2018

Posted on FB. Dear xxxx Thank you for your enquiry. We understand your frustration and feedback has been passed onto the management team. Zaza will be doing a couple of broadcast interviews tomorrow morning, which will be released tomorrow afternoon and Thursday morning. We hope that these interviews will address the questions put forward by investors and it will be a good opportunity for Zaza to explain the current situation. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Oil And Gas Yellow Jersey Oil & Gas

18:15 29/05/2018

Re: What if.... Zaza just enjoys buying shares that would be worthless....eyes roll emoji