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17:15 26/01/2019

I think TOT would remember that I was on JLP, QFI and AMC bb's too Nolosstillsell is on the AMC bb too and so was Bomber64. As now I have had to re-register here I have no posting history. On LSE under the same name and do have some posting history there though until the new ii came about old iii was the main bb I read and posted on.

17:11 26/01/2019

Hi Eyeson - just had to rejoin ii (been a hilw and they must have purged me off their members list) I have signed up for a Tapatalk account but is there something special I need to do to get to the Frontera page. I have a throwaway email if you could send me a link: geela68 at gmail dot com no spaces or caps. TIA.

18:56 24/01/2019

Frontera appear to have been targetted by groups attracted by particular debt arrangements, these groups do not act legally but it seems no authority is free of thier influence to stop them. Its all explained here [link] As such Frontera are better off delisted and away from the influence of these groups until the debt arrangements are settled in court. The shorters may have profitted by its hardly anything to be proud they are no more than petty criminals, you can tell from thier comments there is no thought or intelligence about them. Nothing to do but await the result of the court case.

16:22 24/01/2019

Is it possible that at this stage they don't need to be a listed company anymore? If it is true funding is secure via this NY loan and BP is waiting in the wings then surely clearing this court case away and then BP are able to step in a buy the asset or even the whole company? In the event of a sale or assets or company wouldn't the share holders still need to be paid? Surely all that we have lost at this stgae is the ability to reduce or increase holdings, do we not still hold a stake in what is now a privately held company which is sitting on huge assets has partners lined up and just has to survive an impending court case to contiune buisenes as usual?

11:24 11/01/2019

The presence (and absence) of certain posters on this board is risible and consequently pointless. Everybody knows how and why these posters operate (I posted a link a few days back).Its quite extraordinary that you can even spot patterns such as when one goes on holiday and another is assigned to ‘cover their shift’ I’d compare it to the ridiculous and predictable emergence of ‘killer clowns’ at Halloween, scarey for children and the vulnerable and just plain pitiful to anyone else. That individuals would find this sort of activity a passable occupation might be hard to understand to those with a moral compass. But remember the world is not a place of goodness it is a place of balance and these people HAVE to exist in order to correct the imbalance created by others who are fair and decent people. At this point in time for all the psychological games they play it seems very little thought seems goes into them, they have one script and stick to it, its no cleverer than your average bully. The irony of this however is that despite saying one thing ie FRR is dead in the water, will delist and all will be lost, the very act of them saying this pretty much confirms the opposite. If FRR were not about to unsuspend with market value these individuals would be re-assigned to the next target, why waste their time here if they have already won? Time is money and they would waste neither here. It seems to be there is an air of desperation in their perseverance and it is this which gives me confidence that FRR have something considerable and have substantial big friends onside helping them. I would be more concerned were they to disappear completely! The previous situation with Outrider in 2016 and the recent YA scenario is proof positive FRR can and will take on and win against people who think they hold all the cards. Outrider is no different, under normal circumstances ie against a company with less prospects than FRR who has no big Friends Outrider would have no problems achieving what they have for years been unsuccessfully trying to do. But there are exceptions to every rule and Outrider have bitten off more than they can chew. In this void of Justice, Outrider are likely to end up with nothing worse than the loan paid off through an out of court settlement and they can then look for their next target. The suspension feels like a defensive move more than anything else, it certainly benefits FRR to be suspended during this period where they are effectively under a news blackout due to NDAs and court proceedings. It is possible this may even be the result of up an regulatory investigation. Time will tell. Everything else aside this has been one wild ride. GLA

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14:02 09/01/2019

9. Paid bashers — The shorts will hire paid bashers who “invade” the message boards of the company. The bashers disguise themselves as legitimate investors and try to persuade or panic small investors into selling into the manipulation.

17:49 08/01/2019

Providence live discussion

13:43 08/01/2019
19:10 06/01/2019

So many posts on here. Why ? FRR is toast. It is dead. next RNS will be a delisting one. ZAZA has taken you to the cleaners on this sham.