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16:42 01/05/2019

suspended today ... unable to file accounts ( might be back rns lol )

23:44 16/10/2018

This one is still trading but does not come up on ii ( rise today lol ) the risk grade is 638 .. WLFE was 527 on last day....Anything over 300 " more than normal " Vast 287..

22:26 14/10/2018

At least the stubbornness on this one only risked £60 at the death Wolfe lost over £1220 this had a P/E of - 0.04 Wolfe P/E was - 0.2, VAST is P/E - 4.62 .

11:00 01/10/2018

Board does not come up now on ii for AVM i see Lucian Meirs was shorting @ 9p in 2006 . sugg1e posted you could sell @ 20p this time last year in hindsight should of taken that but only about £60 in value so left it. .

22:10 25/11/2015

newbuoy, no doubt you thought a cheap share. Be patient ,and wait now for AU to rise again. As it inevitably will. Eventually.Cather and the rest of BOD are powerless as most miners ,till this happens!!

22:17 26/10/2015

Good morning or night , tya

22:15 26/10/2015

The game changer , simple. A large increase in the price of AU. It has been kept down, artificially, at least in my humble opinion. If the US figures for employment and growth do not turn around soon, the fed are running out of options for a strong dollar. We shall soon see!!

22:08 26/10/2015

Time is running out fast:: avm drew down 2m a few days ago, I sympathise Kenj2. but a small number of shares 2 years ago at that price, hardly worth selling, at this price.

23:03 24/10/2015

They still have 13% themselves, if memory serves right, but it is Sat night so dont take that as gospel, along with other institutions ,so I think , no pressure from PIs needed.I am sure it is being put under scrutiny, Elliott specialise in companies struggling, Say no more!!

22:58 24/10/2015

But unlikely to take any correspondence unless invested in Elliot.