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07:00 07/04/2014

Don't know why Aldi @ Lidl seen as so important, here in Spain their veg is expensive , compared to local markets, Lidls Caulis priced by the Kg,. markets , fresh!! 3 for $1. They don't do well everywhere, !!!

16:13 28/03/2014

suspect morrissons ,to lazy to check

16:12 28/03/2014

old stores in gatehead

18:40 22/03/2014

Re Wenlock , Bargain time £40m over 12 months with divi , v good return

14:50 21/03/2014

Todays buys heading for 50m shares,

11:44 21/03/2014

Tsco in joint venture with Tata star bazaars in India 50/50

01:51 05/03/2014

Tesco are in the process of committing suicide. Holders should stay with the stock awaiting the unbundling of the property portfolio and then get out.

22:11 23/02/2014

stack high sell low, tsco can do that again , and see off all , including low veg , an fruit , calling them snack size and bite size, what a pleasure it would be t see dirty carrots an oversze ,undersize fruit an veg at bargain prices , that keep longer an give suppliers a few bob rather than dumping, greenees would love it ,it just choice, costs little. devastates competition. that's how businesses started. know yer know.

17:09 23/02/2014

Aldi And brother start worrying,

10:55 20/02/2014