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15:10 25/05/2017

Please could you tell me where the news button is,many thanks

09:44 22/08/2016

Profit taking over - finance in place ready for blast off!!!!!!

14:52 27/07/2016

with all the talk about electric this and that someone will sniff this out. The raw materials needed to build millions of batteries. its all in this mine.

13:01 11/07/2016

very close watcher of this - i predict a large jump in sp soon.

11:11 09/06/2016

Northland Capital published a note out this morning on Research Tree: "W Resources has completed its maiden mineral resource estimate at the São Martinho Gold Project, located within the CAA-Portalegre licence in Northern Portugal. The JORC compliant mineral resource estimate was completed by Golder Associates and totalled 3mt at a grade of 1.04g/t Au (I & I) with 111,987oz in contained gold. This was based on a limited confirmatory drill programme and the Company is confident that there is significant exploration potential around the initial resource estimate."

12:14 27/05/2016

Northland Capital's note from this morning is up on Research Tree: "W Resources made large strides towards the development of the hard rock La Parrilla Tungsten project in 2015 and despite the large amount of work involved the LBT remained relatively low. 2016 will see the completion of the V2 feasibility study for the project and maiden hard rock production for the Company...."

17:23 09/02/2016

Re Good news: Hold back the next news.................unless of course it"s bad news

07:51 22/01/2016

Any thoughts on the insider sell off , does he know something we don't

13:05 21/01/2016

bit slow on here

14:37 30/12/2015

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