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22:19 14/07/2020


12:57 18/05/2019

Changed name to WbI neither come up on ii ... WARRANTS RUN OUT 8 FEB 2020 .. not looking any worth in them at present .

15:12 30/10/2014

It's all coming together beautifully... At this price, I think it is immense value for the next month - 3 months and even more for the next 6-12 months.

14:22 30/10/2014

It's also not lost on me that they seem to have Spanish, Russian and Chinese focus - so perhaps some good money will be found. I'll join them on the Arab/Middle East front if I have to!!

14:22 30/10/2014

Checking out ZAI Corporate - they seem to deal primarily in fundraising, m&a and valuations... So it's either OBT taking over someone, being taken over, seeking more finance or getting better valuations... Hahaha! All in all, at least something is happening and it this level it all looks good for us.

14:22 30/10/2014

Another RNS... 2 in a day... Following the export processing zone - OBT is really going through the gears here... : )

17:32 30/09/2014

Cheers, you too

17:17 30/09/2014

Will be keeping any eye out for this breakout though

17:16 30/09/2014

Sold out yesterday and the rest today

16:13 24/09/2014

any sellers left? not many i think