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BUY MIN by More4us on 10 Oct 2018 10:24

Price at rating: , now: …

[link] Short term: 21p Medium term: 41p Long term: 61p

10:24:48 10 Oct 2018

BUY IMM by More4us on 21 Sep 2018 10:06

Price at rating: , now: …

#imm Commercial Deal [link]

10:06:56 21 Sep 2018

BUY UPL by millie on 04 Sep 2018 15:59

Price at rating: , now: …

breaking out now, has broken through the 4p strong resistance level. Experienced management and the Wick drilling due to start this month.

15:59:26 4 Sep 2018

BUY BPC by More4us on 30 Aug 2018 08:38

Price at rating: , now: …

Bahamas Petroleum Company Plc (LON:BPC) Government indicating its support for $5.5 billion Oban Energies project Aug 29, 2018 10:00:20 PM PDT [link]

08:38:12 30 Aug 2018

BUY PMO by Dano1 on 30 Aug 2018 08:22

Price at rating: , now: …

Oil prices I believe are going to stay quiet high because the world consumes 98 million barrels of liquid petroleum every day. I guess if the world has a downturn like 2008 the the price of oil will fall. High risk I guess.

08:22:22 30 Aug 2018

BUY MATD by More4us on 29 Aug 2018 09:39

Price at rating: , now: …

MATD Our base case, risked valuation of 30.8p/share #Petro #Matad Initiation of coverage [link]

09:39:08 29 Aug 2018

BUY IMM by More4us on 02 Aug 2018 14:07

Price at rating: , now: …


14:07:15 2 Aug 2018

BUY PANR by More4us on 28 Jul 2018 15:08

Price at rating: , now: …

#PANR #PANTHEON #RESOURCES The Times article on BP Jay Cheatham, CEO of beleaguered AIM-quoted oil exploration company Pantheon Resources, today received the backing of the company’s second-largest individual shareholder. [link]

15:08:32 28 Jul 2018