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Re: BARC COMP - S13 W7 OPEN "Your guesstimate of FRIDAYS UT closing price in numerical order, with the ** LOWEST ** at the top. Open till SUNDAY 9pm. Please hit the refresh button before entering and check all is well afterwards. Thank you"========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ======182.50 mcn2000190.85 jackdawsson192.10 FORCEMODE

PMO riverside red 01:09

Navion Oslo Shuttle tanker arrived in Scapa Flow from Catcher.

ACTA lebehnon 00:57

Re: OT Christmas Song I Composed You Tub... Have looked at the timings song finishes 4.15 there is part of the backing track coming in at the end. The pub verse is 47 secs brings it to 3.28 speed it up slightly will do the job. well said Dr - sent email to producer. He will not be starting on it for a week or two. I doubt he will have any reservations will be much better!!!!


Re: Topped up on a few more this am Good write-up this weekend on these in SCSW which goes into great detail of all divisions now created over the last few years to build a great business going forward. atb

PPC poor_teacher 00:22

Double take Just saw the price at the top of the page at 10 pounds.Hence the double take. I would think a few of us would settle for that after taking up extra shares!Anyway wishful thinking and just a glitch.

SLE Alaric 00:01

Re: Avobone case dropped spoilsport, redeyemines'-lets see if SAGA man can write another episode of War and Peace on this'having read (or not perhaps) W&P by Eadstoy a number of times already, i was rather looking forward to his take on Anna Karenina - maybe an abbreviated and annotated version though by Linksdean -ha.! (apologies for frivolity after a very long lunch with another significant SLE holder)

SERV Meanbugger 24 Nov 2017

Re: Possible competing bid Thinking a little bit about potential counter bidders I am sure McKesson will have a look at the Health and Social Care business as it would fit in with their patient records and systems business. As regards the automation side names like Fujitsu spring to mind but it could be almost any global operator.Servelec was the top bid candidate in my portfolio mainly due to the combination of two good businesses lumped together with no synergies between them. Coupled with very poor liquidity in the shares and a lack of understanding of the company by investors Servelec had all the hallmarks of a business worth more to trade buyers than the valuation put on it by investors. Thank you to Montagu and Scarlet Bidco for getting the auction going but unless they raise their offer substantially I can't see them being successful given the very deep pockets of some of the global players.

FRR duknweev 24 Nov 2017

Giorgi Kvirikashvili‏ in Brussels Seems he's been pressing the flesh in Brussels this week."Had a very productive meeting with Theresa May. We discussed the strategic partnership and deepening active economic relations between #Georgia and the #UnitedKingdom. Our countries have potential for greater cooperation."

GGP dalgarno9 24 Nov 2017

Re: What PRICE Gold.Gets HOTTER and HOTT... I think we’ll get an RNS on Paterson next week followed by an RNS on a Newmont deal of sorted within the following fortnight .

BBOX seadoc 24 Nov 2017

Re: question Keith,Simple answer - No.The concept of BBOX is a symbiotic relationship between the retailers and company. It is the perfect expression of outsourcing. The shareholders benefit from good income return, the directors from bonus from FUM and the retailers from expertise. I think, probably more guess, that it makes sense only to build more if they were bigger units, that most are for supermarkets and the supermarket sales are falling, given inflation there must be less throughput and so no need for a bigger distribution unit. Just my view.Pie-eater,Also got an interest in ESP, UTG and PHP. If they all pass round the begging bowl at the same time I would probably choose the order in which to place money as BBOX, PHP, ESP and lastly UTG.Regards,Seadoc

ACTA lebehnon 24 Nov 2017

Re: OT Christmas Song I Composed You Tub... The pub bit is over 30 seconds long maybe get rid altogether - not necessary can probably speed the rest up too - that is the best solution. Will discuss. Thanks Dr.

HUM senn1965 24 Nov 2017

Re: senn Patience think a lot will do well, am looking to buy next year with a four year wait for £2Senn.Like Zenaga as well should get a deal done with Glencore.

SERV Meanbugger 24 Nov 2017

Possible competing bid Today's price action is clearly signalling the prospect of a competing bid. The irrevocables given so far are soft as anything and apart from a few per cent will fall away if someone else bids 330p as would the non-binding letters of intent. I don't know the industry well enough to suggest who the possible counter bidders could be but Servelec has two high quality businesses operating in different areas so might attract a number of counter bidders now it is definitely for sale. Who knows we might see £4 if an auction develops. Shareholders sit tight and enjoy the ride!

SXX bucks lad 24 Nov 2017

Re: Second thoughts I'm beginning to realize there will be a helluva lot of engineering plus a lot of money spent as the years roll by and before we are producing big time.-----Er......that's why the sp is where it is !

BARC mcn2000 24 Nov 2017

Re: BARC COMP - S13 W7 OPEN "Your guesstimate of FRIDAYS UT closing price in numerical order, with the ** LOWEST ** at the top. Open till SUNDAY 9pm. Please hit the refresh button before entering and check all is well afterwards. Thank you"========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ======182.50 mcn2000190.85 jackdawsson