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FRR thefozzer 06:39

Re: NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 20/0... Hopefully a better day today.Huge value here if Ud-2 comes good, 6 weeks for results and I'm expecting updates along the way.Biggest drill on the AIM, 0.40+ before results.

FRR sefefricanyngymru 06:30

Re: NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 20/0... What a load of tripe."Our 'thing' is to lay the groundwork where movement is liable to follow some sort of logic."If there were a logic to share's price movement all we would have to do is apply the logic to get rich.We have to use all the tools we can find to quell the rogues Hope and Fear.The beguiling simplicity of a chart's line won't tell us what happens next. Nor does it tell us why something happened when it did.But I am wrong about Hope and Fear they are not rogues but our friends who get excited when they see a chart....we have to be adult.


Re: 87p per share (00:35) Many times. Next for one. Besides I should have added the original 87p to that figure

PMO Suresh786 06:06

Re: quick chart. my view (might be biased as i am shareholder) the share price is way undervalued, even though we are progressing on sealion but share price is not reflecting at all

FRR scruffee 06:04

Re: NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 20/0... Much appreciated iii ............... I know you were "up late" ......... But I'll take 0.365 ......... confusing I know when talking about miniscule amounts ............ Great Job Thanks............oh and Merry Christmas ha ha.x

SSE Hydrogen Economy 04:34

Higher energy prices this winter-Telegraph I tend to agree with the view that the demand supply balance is likely to be squeezed long term by electric vehicle demand outweighing efficiency gains. Shorter term it looks like supply issues with French nuclear and German coal fired stations Europe will affect power imports (see article below), the supply balance is already tight. It seems likely SSE and others should benefit.The big concern is understandably dividend cover. Forecast EPS and Div from 4-Traders shows how reported cover in 2016 was 50%. Looking forward that picture is forecast to remain tight but progressively improve (2017 was flattered by profit on Scotnet gas sale and other exceptionals).EPS 2016-2020 46p 158p 111p 117p 132pDiv 2016-2020 89,4p 91,3p 94,2p 96,8p 99,6pDigital look forecast adjusted EPS shows less variation, with moderate cover. 2016-2019 119.5p 125.7p 117.8p 124.7pA tight near term supply position could push up earnings. I hold ~4% SSE along with 5.5% NG so have plenty of interest in power generation and energy distribution.H2[link] bills in the UK could be set to rise this winter after the cost of power jumped well above last year's prices.The wholesale cost of winter electricity in the UK market is on average 16pc, or around £7 per megawatt-hour, higher than it was this time last year.The price rises could spell trouble for British bill payers who faced a flurry of tariff hikes over the spring following last winter’s volatile energy trading. This year, energy prices are climbing due to ongoing concerns around France’s nuclear plants as well as Germany’s reliance on power from coal, which is trading 50pc higher than last year.Although the UK burns very little coal to produce power, the country imports electricity from the continent. Germany, Europe’s largest electricity market, relies on coal to generate almost a quarter of its power.Jamie Stewart, a power market expert at pricing agency Icis, said German wholesale power prices were 40pc higher than last autumn and French power was 34pc higher year on year.Wholesale gas prices have also climbed higher after the UK's main gas storage facility, Centrica’s Rough facility, closed after decades of use.“The main risk factor specific to winter is, again, French nuclear,” Mr Stewart said.The French government has called for a major review of hundreds of plant components as part of an investigation into alleged irregularities and falsification of manufacturing documents by industry giant Areva.“The markets were spooked when EDF was ordered by the French regulator to audit many of its plant components. So with memories of last winter still fresh we saw a lot of risk premium pumped into products for this winter, with traders wanting to cover their short positions and avoid getting their fingers burnt again,” Mr Stewart said.He added that there was unlikely to be a repeat of the outages seen last year, but energy traders were still guarding against the risk by buying up power contracts in advance. The higher prices should provide a strong signal to the operators of gas-fired power generators to keep their plants running as much as possible, he said.Wholesale gas prices have also climbed higher after the UK’s main gas storage facility, Centrica’s Rough site, closed after decades of use.“Rough does add an extra element of risk to the winter. Gas traders we speak to though are fairly relaxed about the loss of Rough due to UK’s general supply flexibility,” Mr Stewart said.

LLOY Boyobach 01:10

Re: chart and trend views on LLOY please It's not an indicator I use, Croft, and I'm not sure that I would on the basis of this example. FWIW, as I understand it, the melodramatically named 'death cross' is less reliable on lower volumes (July and August apparently?). It also seems self evident to me that a shorter term MA must cross a longer term MA when an sp has been falling (trendwise) for long enough - like Lloy has been doing since the end of May. So as indicators go, I think it's too late to be useful. My personal 'warning light' will flick on if this revisits a sub 63p level. The more immediate question, for me, is whether it will break above and stay above 66 into October because, if it does, your death cross should eventually uncross itself.

TLW Rock on warringah 00:25

Re: Q Thanks TT a very good summation.

LLOY Swamp_Cat 00:24

Re: Has USA Just Purchased 5% LLOY BTW, it's also 5% liquidity now unavailable. That's got to be better for the sp than the liquidity the government created when selling en-mass.

CEY tornadotony 00:15

Re: Bought at 136.8p Yes it was an average down buy.

CERP nat81 19 Sep 2017

50% PREMIUM interesting post copied from LSE below, from sellonnews[link] LIND provide CERP with $750,000 in Q4 (October - December), whatever the average share price was over the previous 20 days, LIND pay a 50% premium to that average, for example, if the average price was 4p, LIND will pay 6p. The clock starts ticking on receipt of the $750,000."Upon providing the Second Tranche, Lind will also be entitled to 7,692,308 share options, exercisable at a price 50% greater per share than the average share price for the 20 days prior to the date of award for a period of up to 40 months"For agreeing to increase the conversion price by 50% to 4.5p LIND were granted 17,992,308 shares, to be escrowed by Lind for at least six months from the date of issue (expected to be 23 September 2017). They can't be sold by LIND for at least 6 months from September 22 (confirmed today).Hope this helps..GL.

GGP dalgarno9 19 Sep 2017

Typo Meant Wednesday lol

GGP dalgarno9 19 Sep 2017

Tuesday going to be good got a hunch

IMG freedom-thirty5 19 Sep 2017

Re: TIS Despite what the Tories said before the election, they didn't get the majority to implement it, and it's therefore worth diddly. I doubt they would block a takeover, the government has not done so many times in the past. They would probably welcome the distraction from Brexit anyway.

UKOG BlasterMaster 19 Sep 2017

Re: Flow Results My view is simply this,If BB is at least a 1000 Bpd, that will set the ball rolling, and UKOG will at last be recognized most particularly by the Media as a serious player in the Onshore Oil Industry, and all this will be down to one man SS who is after all a revolutionary and dares to go where others have failed.