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SPH dwiggy 19 Nov 2014

Re: Daily Mail Yes, I'm sure you are on the right track Ambiorix, something is definitely brewing here. As you mentioned the other day we should expect an RNS or 2 soon based on the volumes/share price movement one would hope although its still within the recent price ranges so no huge changes.From my experience the price has to change a fair % in a trading day(s) for them to generally issue an RNS as to why (or that they no, no reason why) which we haven't had yet...Great previous results though and don't see why they won't turn immensely profitable going forward, this is my first and only pharma stock atm so will watch and see how things develop given we have hit an "inflection point" here....

AKR gretel 19 Nov 2014

New analyst report - large upside New Redchip research report just out - note the $10.8m cash compared to the £10.65m m/cap:[link] price of $11.40. We are applying a 5.0x P/S multiple to our projected FY15 revenue per share of $2.25. Our target price offers significant upside from the current price of $3.13. We believe the current entry point is very attractive, especially considering that AKER is trading just below book value (0.99x), has no debt, is generating revenue both domestically and internationally and has many pending product launches on the horizon."

AVON oldjoe1 19 Nov 2014

Re: Results Easily Beat. AVON...........Avon RubberOn the verge of a breakout. [link]

STG TassOil 19 Nov 2014

1p looks like we have gained some attention, I am going along with the first reaction initiated yesterday up 60%, to base that the results we are about to receive at the end of the week is going to be very good. Otherwise the continued increase in the SP price would not continue today. Based on this i predict we will be back to 1p by the end of the week, due to the fact that we are well over sold.

AGQ Noddy 19 Nov 2014

Delayed buy @ 39.5p. Could well do 50p imminently. This beauty has a habit of major moves in double time and 40p is now broken.

CNE Rhino1958 19 Nov 2014

Shells tax win in India Lets hope "Royal Dutch Shell has won a significant victory in its long-running $3 billion battle with India’s revenue authorities, in a judgment with implications for dozens of tax disputes involving multinational companies in Asia’s third-largest economy. "

MTV welloiled1 19 Nov 2014

Launch news? Could we be getting granite launch news soon…real Christmas sales or another false dawn….watch this space.Welloiled1

MTV welloiled1 19 Nov 2014

Re: Something is happening Looks at volume and price today….gaining alot of momentum I am now less than 40% down Come on keep going.Welloiled1

SPH Ambiorix1 19 Nov 2014

Re: Daily Mail Hello Dig,The question seems to me, how long are you going to stay long. In my opinion, there must be something going on. Look at the trades. On the 4th, Swanson bought more than 5 million shares; yesterday some 28 million shares were traded, and this morning we are up to almost 18 million shares traded with one trade of 17 million shares. Is this a major reshuffle before a management buy out, or do we have a predator for Sinclair ? Since he announced he will be leaving Sinclair Pharma Swanson seriously increased his holding. This is not a coincidence. There must be something going on. I also wonder why Sinclair Pharma does not react on all these major share movements. It looks to me that when your shareholders holdings are altered by almost 20%, you must be informed on what is going on. Then it is common sence that all other shareholders are informed as well. Or do we need a mister Ackerman for this?Ambiorix.

AGQ Noddy 19 Nov 2014

AGQ 42.0 19 Nov 2014

maybe 50p will be today?!

AGQ 42.0 19 Nov 2014

a little nibble at 42p

AGQ 40.0 19 Nov 2014

will we see 50p before Friday?

HSP mexicoman 19 Nov 2014

Re: sp stability Whys that then you been on the plonk

AGQ 40.0 19 Nov 2014

a few more nibbles