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IPX II Editor 19 Nov 2014

NEW ARTICLE: Where can investors find exposure to the energy storage sector? "Anyone who has ever spent Christmas Day morning searching for batteries for their children's new toys will be familiar with a problem that the global energy industry faces on a grand scale: the demand for electrical power is unpredictable, so ..."[link]

MPLE gaza 19 Nov 2014

sp up again in lima

MWA Vincentinvestor1 19 Nov 2014

200d moving average if we only could beat the 200d moving average at 2.18p today, i would be a very happy man, as I see next resistance levels north of 3p imo

MTO Blanketstacker 19 Nov 2014

Re: Telegraph- Questor A family member works for this crowd as a maintenance engineer. His verdict: they are clueless!

AFCR Noddy 19 Nov 2014


AFCR BuyBAO 19 Nov 2014

MWA cheap

AFCR Noddy 19 Nov 2014

Major new resistance on L2.

AFCR Noddy 19 Nov 2014

MWA crackup boom.

MWA Rogen83 19 Nov 2014

Re: Nickel roofing it lift off - shares +12% now

AFCR Noddy 19 Nov 2014

30th I think.

AFCR BuyBAO 19 Nov 2014

surely should be the start of a huge rally

AFCR BuyBAO 19 Nov 2014

are the swiss voting yes then?

AFCR BuyBAO 19 Nov 2014

sh111t going down

SL Total Numpty 19 Nov 2014

I purchased £1000 of Standard Life Shares in 2006 and in 2007 received my bonus shares, since then no correspondence from SL I actually forgot I had them. Is this normal?

WRN vivat 19 Nov 2014

FITB Well a lot of money is being lost on FITB today. Anyone who bought in at 25 today ouch. Classic shorting attack