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MDZ digitaldanuk 24 Nov 2014

and you thought rollercoasters only existed on the xfactor

SPL noidea1960 24 Nov 2014

Re: Worrying decline in SP over Sorry I haven't seen this announcement on loan - where is it?

TCM tarpoon 24 Nov 2014

telit... join forces with Google to accelerate growth of IoT:[link]

ESUR ThanetBoy 24 Nov 2014

Re: CURRENT FORWARD PERs Thanks B, haven't been logged on all week as i have A.Bronchitis - funny when my nickname is TB!Before i was ill i bought in ESUR at 204p - noticed we're at the same.I was trying to fathom out the p/e of 45!!! then your post made it clear.This year i made a decision to only buy shares of companies I use and ESUR is one of them.i took out a new homes+contents policy with esure - no competitor could match them!! nearest price was for buildings only - and i am pretty smart when getting quotes.they are offering free legal protection and home emergency - brilliant package.thanks for the info btb signing off

MIO Nod 24 Nov 2014

DAy high of 2p has just broken the 200DMA.

MIO Nod 24 Nov 2014

Chart looking exceptionally good for a big move.

WIN Tenobas 24 Nov 2014

Re: early xmas present Thanks, and it looks to be about 50% overall. Open book: 69% in the Contract Logistics side.The fuel costs are about 30% of vehicle costs, say 25% of total costs: 50% of 25% of £1,000m.With an 8% fuel price reduction that is £10m.That correlates rather well with the £16m increase in market value.

CRV Nitro Deluxe 24 Nov 2014

Full year results due this week ???last time delivered on 29th Novemb

OUT jonnypiranha 24 Nov 2014

Re: Run out of steam now.... That's a understatement, 32p to 22p in half a day! Some people are making a lot of money out of this.

FITB FastGerman 24 Nov 2014

Re: Descent started ! ! QPP has gone up 100% since I mentioned on this boardFITB is done 50% from its high last weekWho made the move from 23p at FITB to 45-50p at QPP will be having a nice Christmas

SGI pizzaman 24 Nov 2014

this is the next Quindell

RMM Il Grande Inquisitore 24 Nov 2014

AGM Dec 4th Why not raise all the questions here on the bulletin board at the AGM on Dec 4th at the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald in Canary Wharf?

FITB BuyBAO 24 Nov 2014

I just gave FITB a BUY rating: bounce on at 14p.. Will I be right? [link]

COMS cybervader 24 Nov 2014

Re: Reassuring news LOl, was that a delibrate mis-spelling (snorters) as it probably describes them quite well...

POLY wannabe idiot 24 Nov 2014

Russia granting the bank $2.23B Russia's economy minister said on Monday that the government was in talks over granting state-controlled bank Gazprombank up to 100 billion roubles ($2.23 billion) in state aid from the National Wealth Fund to boost its capital

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