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RRL Kist 27 Nov 2014


ROSE Guests 27 Nov 2014

sold mine... oil dropped 4%, shale producers sp are dropping now...

GAL redbalthazar 27 Nov 2014

Third quarter results out I'm no accountant, but...gulp.Also, the ongoing viability of the company depended on gaining planing consent.

FPO Chief Mukuni 27 Nov 2014

Pistoria Income Trust I see Pistoria increased its shareholding to over 11%

MSI TX2 27 Nov 2014

Re: 4.178 % Yield On longterm basis probably as it is selling at half NAV which includes substantial net cash;the prob is how soon Naval orders return for its main division;and if weakness in Europe will impact on its petrol station steel work business.A good business with strong financials,product and record that should hopefully recover.

CZA borrie 27 Nov 2014

i think i will keep aswell.

ROSE jmh 27 Nov 2014

What should that mean to oil price?

MPLE nanot 27 Nov 2014

placing according to erns placing at .087

SPH winningstreak 27 Nov 2014

Re: Upto 10 potential buyers Baconegg - I think it is more a case of Rothschild managing the financial side ofany sale, not finding a

RMM thehickster 27 Nov 2014

Re: Another 2 million for Henderson I suppose every million pounds would enable Rambler to buy back roughly 4 million shares seeing as it doesn't move when there's someone buying big... How long would it take for them to buy back every share with the cash flow they're clearing ?

ADM UAE Sunshine 27 Nov 2014

Interesting Article 2% up today and 20 day MA flattening, MACD & Volume green.Could it be this article?With petrol a bit cheaper and new number plate recognition in action maybe the uninsured drivers have had their day. A few false claims merchants jailed in Bristol last week. All good for Admiral.[link]

RMM thehickster 27 Nov 2014

Re: Another 2 million for Henderson Does make you wonder.Try putting in a buy order for 2 million or so and see what happens.Where would they get them from ??

HTIG SalopTractor 27 Nov 2014

shame the momentum was lost because of that old news

TPET wikkid22 27 Nov 2014

Re: Won bid I only call liars liars, if the cap fits then you should wear it eARTHLy. If CSZ and yourself stopped telling lies then I wouldn't be able to call you and him liars?How many times have you posted libellous, character assassinations? Dozens if not hundreds. Why is it wrong for a poster here to post that it looks like the sp is about to rise but you have done the same in PMG while it has fallen by around 75%.the way, your spelling and grammar is very poor nowadays, another thing that you like to call others out on.You should give up as you know that you cant BEAT me, lol

LWB muscati 27 Nov 2014

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