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00:26 04/06/2013
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Not finished yet ,horses for courses eg Ceres , Ark ,Nvta.

NTO has leased sites were the big are investing millions of $ lease land.

10:58 01/06/2013
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Please let me know Scheduled of gemfields Auction in zambia

12:27 29/05/2013

To finish this well should not be more then 10 to 15m , if it is engineered correctly,TD is only a couple thousand mtrs, six weeks drilling,if they fail to break through the salt they will abandon well , cost rig hire, some tools & bit,all the expensive stuff is done.Not sure where the 20 to 40M comes from.As for a farm in agreement Max will not give a controling share away,more like 60-40 and even that might be to high based on what might be down there.

11:31 28/05/2013
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let me know where is cey heading i

12:46 23/05/2013

Hello Astrognat, this is an interesting one! I will investigate this now and see if I can get it going

12:46 22/05/2013

BTG pricing does not seem to work and the forum does not seem linked to LSE / iii

17:07 19/05/2013

please don't bother - I have found it!

17:00 19/05/2013

Thank you so much for your rapid and extremely helpful reply.

You mentioned, in passing, an AGM presentation, I have been looking for presentations and have not found any. Is there anywhere I can get it?

Best regards Richard

15:54 19/05/2013

You asked where I got the following from:
a.)"Professor Durrant has discovered special modified versions of over 100 cancer and pathogen epitopes."
b.)"It is hoped that for every natural epitope there is a Moditope, enough to allow T Cells to home in on every known cancer and virus."

a.) was announced at the company's AGM on 7th November 2012.
b.) is an extrapolation of the science itself. At the moment Scancell uses natural cancer epitopes in its ImmunoBody cancer vaccines and other companies using ImmunoBody under licence to make vaccines to combat infectious diseases, such as Immbio, use natural viral epitopes. It is hoped that Scancell and other companies like Immbio will be able to incorporate the more powerful Moditope epitopes in their vaccines instead. And that of course for every natural epitope in use a more effective Moditope equivalent can be discovered and patented.

You queried further:
"It appears to me that Scancell are not patenting the individual epitopes at the moment. Am I wrong?"

To answer this (aside from referring to the AGM presentation) here are some extracts from Scancell's announcement to market on 15th August 2012:

"Scancell has identified and patented a series of modified epitopes."
"Not only do these unique epitopes stimulate a CD4 killer T cell response, we have also shown in tests that cancer patients can produce an immune response to these epitopes. The Moditope epitopes can be used to develop both DNA and peptide vaccines and could become an important component of many therapeutic vaccines in the future, both under development at Scancell and other companies.”