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12:36 05/04/2013

This zombie I going to get shot in the head

18:22 03/04/2013

They sure are getting a great name for themselves in the acquisition of other companies. This is bound to bring them to the notice of the big boys and I expect a bun fight between several companies in the buy them stakes.

07:08 03/04/2013
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going places?

11:54 02/04/2013
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Found this share good fundamentals,33%cash,700,000oz gold plus, assets 14m but all gold shares down this holding up better than most.Will be a 10 bagger plus if you havethe patience

11:02 01/04/2013
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How long is this slum going to last. I bought into Victoria to see it rise. Good luck and hope the surge starts soon. I wil buy more in anticipation!!

01:09 21/03/2013
GW news
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09:30 20/03/2013
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H&L will not execute sell orders any one know way

16:59 19/03/2013

Roaster green light coming

10:59 19/03/2013

Expect a bid from Heinz maybe next week

12:21 07/03/2013
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Interesting trading pattern last couple of days. Worked buys in background maybe?