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17:53 05/02/2014

wow calm down anthracis. he must be upset with 3 posts when dufc said he has gone lol. Quite funny really

17:40 05/02/2014

Totally agree with dufc. he was taken to task on that subject by anthracis and razor. Well Done fella!!!

16:51 05/02/2014

What is it dan?

16:50 05/02/2014

Another reply to "Just Testing".

16:38 05/02/2014

Reply to "that worked".

15:48 05/02/2014

That worked. Enjoy

15:46 05/02/2014

Just testing !

15:38 05/02/2014

Messages posted on the BMR stream will be logged here for posterity.

14:31 04/02/2014

Posts on the forum do not get removed by the stream what you say here can be recorded... it will help with those seeking to gain any credibility at all on this particular company's discussion.

14:30 04/02/2014

You guys aware of the BMR forum here at DTM? Might help you keep track of your "discussions".