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13:59 31/08/2013
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sp target £3.90 just bought in, 40k up up up

20:15 26/08/2013
jp junkie
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huge spread; please explain

23:03 25/08/2013
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The manager seems to be a standard small company investor, but the headline says stuff about private equity. Don't really understand that, board should be on top of that...

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The manager is changing ownership, and the directors of this company should be independent but they have been there a very long time, so perhaps some corporate governance issues here.
At least one of the directors linked to the manager, so wonder if this is properly reflecting corporate governance best practice.

12:57 20/08/2013

We need a return to full partner liability
& then accountancy might be trusted again

Up today. It is a Property company now.

11:06 16/08/2013

Over the years I have lost on this Mexico silver mine. Is the rise in the price of silver enough to make these shares rise?

12:23 14/08/2013

Looking at Centricas current position, cant decide to hang on or cash in?

08:44 12/08/2013

Significant rise at last.

Will Firtune oil rise today?