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09:30 04/09/2013

Incredible increase over last 6 months - how far can this go?

14:09 02/09/2013

FTO up a bit today.

12:57 20/08/2013

We need a return to full partner liability
& then accountancy might be trusted again

Up today. It is a Property company now.

11:06 16/08/2013

Over the years I have lost on this Mexico silver mine. Is the rise in the price of silver enough to make these shares rise?

12:23 14/08/2013

Looking at Centricas current position, cant decide to hang on or cash in?

08:44 12/08/2013

Significant rise at last.

Will Firtune oil rise today?

12:09 25/07/2013

Is it still RKH's intention to move to the London Stock Exchange main market or has that gone on the back burner now?

14:42 22/07/2013

Admitted to AIM last week - worth having a look at. Pre-tax profit for year £575,000. Building 15 - 20 new homes this year for 500k each.