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theprior 10:20

Moz So, Moz is a newly formed private company set up solely to process M block at Manica. Colin obviously has faith in the people setting up the company and wants a piece of their profits. The loan has a 30% interest rate and is for only 5months, convertible to 25% of the company. Good to get a further revenue stream underway.I wonder if they called it “Moz” for “millions of ounces” ??Good news.TP “BUY”(Ii need to get their page sorted so flags can be used. And I hear horror stories about the trading platform /((. !!!!!)

Dragonslayer1 11 Dec 2017

Re: Auroch debt paid off at discount Vox Markets Podcast - 8th December 2017 , certainly gave a lot of confidence to investors . Worth clicking on the link and listing to Mr.Colin Bird from 20 mins onward in the audio link . www.audioboom.com/posts/6542979-great-western-mining-corp-gwmo-xtract-resources-xtr-and-chris-bailey-on-bkg-jlgI had already topped up after reading the " Manica Concession Alluvial Gold Update " RNS , confirming Xtract Resources is due approximately US$92,000 from the alluvial miner Sino Mineral's for the initial start-up operations on the eastern half of the Manica Concession . Along with the fact Xtract Resources is expecting Alluvial gold production to increase on a monthly basis .Then another top up on the " Enhanced terms Manica , Western Alluvial concession " prior to the Vox market podcast really did reiterate what was already made known through these two RNS that appeared to be overlooked by many .With two RNS's plus the Vox Markets Podcast throwing light on what Mr. Colin Bird has been doing for the company , creating a Royalty " income " that is expected to greatly increase in the near future . Then outlining the direction or should I say many different opportunities available including hard rock gold mining at fair brides I must say I'm highly chuffed with my two top ups . Xtract Resources looking primed for a very bright future and obviously when the big boys get their fill a tidy re-rate in Market Cap will follow .

Cygnus_7 07 Dec 2017

Re: News This sounds positive in that increased production should be possible. The only bit that confuses me is that we are told that Omnia Mining have a milling facility only 3 km away which is currently under-utilised. That begs the question 'Why do they then need another contractor'. Clearly mill capacity is not the limiting factor. Unless of course the third contractor Moz Gold will be using Omnia's mill. Although this is not made clear in the RNS.P.S, big buy of two million shares at 11:15 which has barely made a dent on the sp!....GLACygnus

Nice to Michu 07 Dec 2017

Re: Revised terms damn I can't even get that right.. oscilating between small up and small down, i meant while i'm somewhat miffed at early mining progress not being better, progress nonetheless seems to be being incrementally made..so even if things continue incrementally slowly, I'm still reasonably confident of north of 3.5p in Q1 18.. and hopefully it's well north as opposed to just north...

Bazil_Brush 07 Dec 2017

Re: Revised terms I would wager a definite rise, yesterday was obscenely driven down!!!CWT, what the pheck you on about?? washing machines? Are you a money laundered by any chance B_B

Nice to Michu 07 Dec 2017

Re: Revised terms small up is my guess TP At least they're looking to address the issue(s).. fair enough.. and I still think patience will be rewarded here 'in due course'.. still a very tricky share and progress not as smooth as I'd hoped for ,so far.. at least...

theprior 07 Dec 2017

Revised terms Moz now brought in to help out with volume on West side.Hope “Moz” is an abbreviation of “millions of ounces”. ))))TP Awaiting the result of this announcement ....up or down ??

clockwurktangerine 06 Dec 2017

PI's neigh-eve they think only washing is needed! Incredibly machine intensive sorting before the washing!!

Bazil_Brush 06 Dec 2017

Re: News & sp Ouch!!! The drop in share price today is a painful kick in the TB's.... way over cooked in my mind.CWT (as much as it pains me to say!!) is quite right, these shake rattle and roll machines are maintenance heavy so teething problems can be expected throughout the start up period and beyond. Needless to say this machinery is designed to deal with hard rock and so the contractors will know just how hard they can push the throughput. Within a couple of months the technique will have been fine tuned and steady production will be achieved. TP is quite right too....... Patience is the key here. This is AIM but more so, this is XTR so who knows what is around the corner. When the markets have had their fun and ripped us PI's off I think we should see some encouraging share price movement.B_B (polishing harder than ever now, deliberating whether or not this is the time to average down even further)

clockwurktangerine 06 Dec 2017

Another failure to deliver from xtr Despite all the hype and speculative former posts...

Nice to Michu 06 Dec 2017

Re: News & sp following up on Rellims point earlier: Omnia not contributing to revenue by end of Nov is disappointing but not surprising, the RNS not even mentioning that they were now close to starting contributing was more disappointing/surprising again.. all imhothe s/p being where it is as I type is not unreasonable imho.. but patience will hopefully see us back decenty into 3p's in coming weeks or - few - months

clockwurktangerine 06 Dec 2017

Just washing? If just washing ok, but those shake, rattle n roll machines are mntce heavy, not surpriseing sorting rock sizes etc!!!

theprior 06 Dec 2017

Re: Plant fixing delays... “This will continue”Suppose you mean the start up problems, cwt.Don’t worry, it’ll be fine once they get going. Back over 3 in no time at all. And a nice pre Christmas bonus for those who held their nerve.TP

theprior 06 Dec 2017

Re: News & sp 3 weeks ago Omnia were still working on the plant and the gold room so no revenue from them yet though I would have expected a full month of production from Sino for November. Disappointing that teething problems appear to have slowed production.Patience is the key here as the operations on both sides get underway and settle down to a steady revenue stream. I’ll give it another 3 months before I start carping.Those selling out now will regret it I’m sure. Perhaps they need the cash to do their Christmas shopping. Sad really TP

clockwurktangerine 06 Dec 2017

Plant fixing delays... This will continue.Maybe other contractors plant is kerput..Gla