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14:10 28/10/2015

i think new BoD needs to be brought in. one time this was around 90p. the market is not pleased clearly!

14:09 28/10/2015

this is terrible. price keeps tumbling making new lows! unbelievable how the management let it get this bad. feel sorry for those who took up placing in 40p region

07:07 28/10/2015

wow i myst be psychic. placing

06:55 28/10/2015

is there a placing coming? must be running out of money since last placing?! hope they don't go bust!

11:52 27/10/2015

MMs clearly have somewhere to go if they gap down. where will it be? MMs gapped UKOG down the other week and they took it down further from there. never mess with the MM games. they'll have a big distressed sell on the books. sub 10p i reckon

11:51 27/10/2015

things not looking good here. gap down today set a 9.5p target on by the MMs.

10:53 14/10/2014

And my more of my money vanishes into nothing, should just hand it to a tramp in the street instead of wasting it here

13:31 16/09/2014

Sorry was about to be my first post and pressed submit by mistake. I don't think I can add much in the way of useful comments to the proceedings but wanted to pass comment on the idiots coming onto WSG to cause panic. I was very new to Investing a couple of years ago and before I knew lost 20k because of the trolls and people who ramp shares for their own personal gain. I then after these losses discovered this share and invested the meagre sums I had left despite my wife threatening me with all sorts. My point is the trusted posters on this board and it is plainly obvious who they are saved my portfolio and I have learnt patience from this share alone. This is a big thank you to the people I have learnt a lot from, i.e doing proper research, don't follow the herd and watch out for the trolls. If I'm honest after my early loss Trading scares me but I got in lowish here and even at these low levels I have the tiniest of tiniest profits still - I trust the Board of WSG to come good, I trust, my research and hopefully when this multibags, I will be back in the wifes good books and may get back somewhere near level. All the idiots that try to undermine and cause mayhem on some boards, remember new investors get caught and learn the hard way. Come on PF and thanks Riddler and the gang for being straight up people - (In my eyes anyway) GL everyone - Apologies for bad grammar,punctuation etc)

13:22 16/09/2014


14:03 06/08/2014

sell on news. markets are being battered by world events. time to exit here