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KALAN 09 Nov 2017

Re: Impatience Hopefully the funding won't be long Larry but these things tend to go down to the wire and the wire here is December 31st.On the chart front - the sp has risen twice in the past couple of months to the long term downtrend line and failed to break through. I have support at .37p as a possibility with .33p as a back up if that fails to hold (just my opinion) - looking to buy soon - hope I'm not too late!!!

Larry_the_Lock 08 Nov 2017

Impatience Have taken advantage and added today, can't be much longer imho.

KALAN 31 Oct 2017

GENG - VRS VRS just broke out in a similar fashion to when you tipped WRES - worth a look.

Hub 31 Oct 2017

Holdings RNS Interesting holdings RNS showing 3.3% holding today.Marcus Garvie went over the 3% threshold last Friday. Don't know much about this guy but that's not far off £600k.Of course, the holding position prior to the 27th Oct is unknown, but regardless, the exposure is still sizable.If WRES get funding and secure contracts, that £600k punt could look like £2m pretty swiftly.Fortune favours the brave?HUB

KALAN 29 Oct 2017

Re: updated chart Thanks penhome - still in the waiting room for me - a move above .46p would be bullish but down to .3p is possible (if unlikely).

penhome 29 Oct 2017

Re: updated chart Bottomed and gaining upwards momentum again[link] also like WRES’s Cloud chart:[link] this is helpful. It's just my opinion based on what I think the chart is suggesting. This is always a balance of probabilities so my opinion can be wrong and other analysts may have differing views.

Hub 26 Oct 2017

Re: 50% Fib Looks positive enough to meThe overhang and post placing dust settling bit looks almost done and then we are off to the races one hopes. News is due and Nov looks the best month for it.0.4 to 0.57 ish looks a decent path forwards but 1p has to be the big target based on contract and funding deal?? Thereafter, it's mainly about project management/development keeping to timelines and within budget for 2018.HUB

jonmor 24 Oct 2017

Re: 50% Fib See what you mean - very positive !

penhome 23 Oct 2017

Re: 50% Fib Hi ElvironAgreed!Also double bottom on the daily RSI and the MACD-H rising all last week.[link]

Elviron1 21 Oct 2017

50% Fib And another positive for those chartists amongst us:it's bounced nicely off the 50% Fib at about 0.36p.

Elviron1 21 Oct 2017

Re: updated chart Updated chartrice has caught up with the rising 50 day nicely.Mini double bottom evident.Remains in bull territory well above the 200 day MA.I believe MM is back in the UK next week and based on previous interview frequency we can expect an update. It will be interesting to hear progress in the last few weeks and how he see the next couple of months going. There are certainly a few irons in the fire at the moment and they must be approaching hot enough to be worked now!

Hub 18 Oct 2017

Re: updated chart Agreed, which is why they are going down the funding route and not the equity channel.That said, FRR did a heavily dilutive funding deal/debt swap turning 5bln shares into 14bln or so and the share price still managed to deliver a 9 bagger from 0.9p lows in a matter of weeks.Wouldn't want to give WRES management any ideas... but i'm sure they know this is a £100m+ cap business once they've secured funding and kick off development.Still no guarantees that they will secure funding and LOI's mean zero until they become signed contracts.But price environment for tungsten looks good and market is certainly more receptive and open to smallcap funding now as compared to a cpuple of year ago.It's par for the course to have a bit of a consolidation phase post a 5% or so equity raise. Not sure about regulators caps on news flow but imagine they will have to wait a decent 21 days post placing before issuing major news. Hence may see some positive price action kick in soon as speculators move in ahead of 26th of Oct or w/c Oct 30th/Nov.HUB

jonmor 18 Oct 2017

Re: updated chart As they have nearly 4.9 BILLION shares and the market value is £17.8 MILLION it would be quite a dilution if they were to raise $30 million via equity dilution.

Hub 18 Oct 2017

Re: updated chart They've still got plenty of time to get contracts sorted and funding agreed although the weeks do tend to slip by fast as Christmas approaches and festive deason begins. If you basically write off the last 2 weeks in Dec, then in theory they have around 8 weeks to get this tidied up. If funding is secured but pending contracts, then it could all come in one hit and one RNS.I'd prefer contract 1 signed news followed a week or so after with contract 2 followed by a few weeks of funding ...... coming with final funding news arriving as ice on the cake.Nice bit of news flow momentum could help build solid support and strength for a very decent move higher from today's levels.If RNS delivers funding and contract news in one hit, ... well my guess is that WRES will be top of the rises for that day.The market is ripe for the funding package size of $30m which they are seeking, based on roi / risks involved. It's not like they need $100m.Multibagger in the making if they can get this project moving via debt deal rather than traditional equity dilution.HUB

Elviron1 16 Oct 2017

Re: updated chart Penholme - agreed there is some uncertainty which way this will go from a pure chart perspective. Although even then, I would say this is just about the bottom:1) RSI at historical lows2) Slow stochs at or close to historical lows3) MACD histogram in deeply negative territory but with a positive gradient.4) In bull territory above the 200 day MA.The so, so is that t's just below the 50 day MA, BUT that is rising strongly and will continue to do so for a good few weeks. The price may play catch-up I suspect.And then from a fundamental point of view, the company is stronger than it has ever been:a) we're below the placing price which has enhanced the balance sheet by £1 million - quite possibly a pre-requisite for the debt funding.b) LOIs (1 signed, the other on its way) for 80% of production. Contracts to follow, which should be the final requirement to get debt funding promised this quarter.c) Update on gold spinoff due which could be worth 0.1p plus to shareholders.