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KALAN 15 Sep 2017

Re: 0.5p Positive and sceptical sounds like a good combination for this game - looking for opportunities but wary of being mugged.

miltonboy 15 Sep 2017

Re: 0.5p I hope so, step by step.Not heard much about the setup of a gold company, so much news due and they seem to be doing what is necessary and buying in.I am more positive, but have a skeptical nature?Living in Milton, not related to anyone with that name.

KALAN 15 Sep 2017

Re: 0.5p Miltonboy (no relation of the Earl Fitzwilliam are you) - don't you think the release of news of funding to get us through to production will surge us upwards well before production itself.

miltonboy 15 Sep 2017

Re: 0.5p This has dropped as they stopped production and will no doubt recover once we know production has restarted and they are getting a better return.People will position themselves for that RNS that they are generating income again, I know I am. shame I missed the 0.26 buy opportunity, but a return back up to the pre placing prices on resumption is my expectation

jonmor 15 Sep 2017

Re: 0.5p Just responding to some blatant ramping.

dkok 15 Sep 2017

Re: 0.5p Whats up Jonmor? Can't make negative comments over on JLP as the shareprice is rising, so have a go over here. You are one seriously screwed up individual! Oh unless thats your job of course?

jonmor 15 Sep 2017

Re: 0.5p Might even get back to where to was a year ago !

KALAN 14 Sep 2017

0.5p I think we will see an assault on 0.5p next week - let's hope it breaks through.

KALAN 13 Sep 2017

Re: Golden Cross On the same hymn sheet romeo - didn't sell at .44p which I was quoted as there is no certainty it will go to .38p before it resumes upwards.

rRomeo29 13 Sep 2017

Re: Golden Cross Right now a nice little TA correction due to the fast rise in recent weeka. Probably retrace to the long term support around .38pStrong support there.-> New long term bullush alert comes IF .49p are climbed. Then rise to .54p and .69p.Nice one.

GENG 13 Sep 2017

Golden Cross Golden Cross now completed - MM's have dropped the price on low volume but very few takers.

GENG 11 Sep 2017

Here we go! About to create a Golden cross and moving up well on good volume.Anything above 0.49 and we will have a proper breakoutcome on everyone PUSH!!!

Larry_the_Lock 11 Sep 2017

Re: Bloomberg [link]

Larry_the_Lock 11 Sep 2017

Bloomberg Just a little more patience imho:[link]

jonmor 04 Sep 2017

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope Smug as usual KALAN.Maybe you should have taken some notice of 'THE' wife.