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jonmor 23 Jun 2017

Re: TURNOVER dkokI said "BUY" shares - not gift them to themselves.

dkok 23 Jun 2017

Re: TURNOVER JonmorRefer to RNS of 16th June 17 and many others beforehand. The directors have a lot of skin in this share. Maybe if you put in the same then the shareprice might go up!

jonmor 23 Jun 2017

TURNOVER Look at the turnover of shares today and the DROP in the SP and then be aware that this company has 4,806 million shares???Seems to me that if the directors started buying shares they could cause the price to rise very quickly - BUT THEN WHY SHOULD THEY OR WHY SHOULDN'T THEY ?????

miltonboy 21 Jun 2017

Why? ....for 100k extra company money.to show interest/confidence?to increase percentage holding?to take advantage of a low price they created?because they have a better understanding of the future!does anyone know what we pay these two people?are they just reinvesting their wages back in the company?I still watch this, but I grow weary of it, maybe time to delete the watch!

rRomeo29 12 Jun 2017

Re: Chart and down ...0.24p almost reached.This must now hold under all cirumstances!!

rRomeo29 08 Jun 2017

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope Mid price0.2750...and 0.27p on the bid.Ripley, this is very likely going to 0.24p now.

Ripley94 06 Jun 2017

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope Topped @ 0.29p

rRomeo29 06 Jun 2017

Re: Chart and down Keep an eye on the continued 2m seller who accepts mere 0.28p for his lot!11:12:57 / 0.2833p / 2,000,000 5,666 10:522 / 0.2833p / 200,000 567 10:250 / 0.2949p / 84,096 248 09:294 / 0.2949p / 200,000 590 09:20:28 / 0.28p / 2,196,646 6,151 WRES now on its way to about 0.24p. There will be the last chance to hold at a somewhat stable level. But if that is breached, then final pushdown to 0.13p etc.

rRomeo29 31 May 2017

Re: Chart and down So here are some of the guys who know more than you and me do, and who are banking on a retrace down to 0.24p.10:39:44 / 0.292p / 1,000,000 2,922 109:17 / 0.292p / 168,167 491 09:535 / 0.298p / 50,335 150 0853 / 0.292p / 174,662 510 081:35 / 0.292p / 500,000 1,461

rRomeo29 30 May 2017

Re: Chart and down Again testing of the vital 0.30p line...The mid price 0.295p today is showing a more or less bullish stabilization candlestick on the chart.But this must now hold under all circumstances, or the Sp will see an instant downslide to about 0.24p in the next weeks.Check for yourself anyway:[link]

davidhallam48 25 May 2017

Please could you tell me where the news button is,many thanks

vandeheide 25 May 2017

Q&A interview If you haven't seen this yet I would encourage you to view it. Chairman Micheal Masterman has some solid comments re debt financing and also something that may benefit us all towards the end of the session.Just go to News and see the session which was held yesterday. Before this I was considering selling my holding which I have had for 5 years; I am now going to Hold and see if his estimates re production and timelines come in.

rRomeo29 24 May 2017

Re: Chart and down Now "they" are testing the 0.30p line again... If ever breached, then first bearish warning. A totally new, long term sell-alert comes IF the vital 0.27p falls apart.

rRomeo29 15 May 2017

Re: Chart and down Nice uptick.But now 0.35p would need to be surpassed to initiate anything new.

rRomeo29 12 May 2017

Re: Chart and down Last chance saloon.Very very careful now!!1) If the Sp breaches this vital 0.30p support, then quick retrace down to about 0.24p.2) New, long term bearish confirmation as soon as 0.27p is triggered.