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nondangerousdan 25 Feb 2020

Rns 25/2 Interesting RNS. No real news but confirmation that talks continue on many fronts. One line: “the Company intends to use its interim and full year results announcements to provide updates on the status of various collaborations and will not make announcements between these unless a disclosure obligation arises.” A rebuttal to shorters? Any ideas?

EyesonHawk2 17 Feb 2020

Monday RNS - NOMAD change! Change of Nominated Adviser and Broker Versarien plc (AIM: VRS), the advanced materials engineering group, announces that it has appointed SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP (“SP Angel”) as its nominated adviser and joint broker, alongside its existing joint broker Berenberg, with immediate effect.

the_old_trout 14 Feb 2020

Buying opportunity! I bought heavily when the capitulation was I taking place and am now sitting on a nice profit. We could do with some news next week to retain the upward momentum though.

EyesonHawk2 13 Feb 2020

Primary bid open placing @ 15p Simply down to traders piling in and lack of trolling on the BB’s but hoping it continues today. Still we have complete radio blackout from HQ!! eyeson

sueneave9 12 Feb 2020

Primary bid open placing @ 15p I have to confess not fully understanding Price Monitoring Extensions - this seemed a good explanation AIM-Watch Price Monitoring Extensions: What Actually Are They? | AIM-Watch Find out what price monitoring extensions are, whether they are good or bad, and why they are so frequent with smaller cap companies with this article.

biofools 12 Feb 2020

Primary bid open placing @ 15p Hi DD I hope its because some positive news is about to be released and someone has got wind of it. If not then it will probably lose half of todays gains tomorrow. Good for the traders.

Dubai_tDodger 12 Feb 2020

Primary bid open placing @ 15p Does anyone know of a particular reason for today’s SP surge, apart from recent drops ? Just rebounding from being oversold? DD

Ripley94 12 Feb 2020

Buying opportunity! Hi jaytee41 I hope you got 50p i am sure TW was buying yesterday and selling today .

Ripley94 12 Feb 2020

Primary bid open placing @ 15p VRS… XXXX Up 26% Put a limit sell in just for yesterdays buys @ 50p lifted @ 51p . Made 10p per share in one day . I think i am finally learning about AIM.

EyesonHawk2 12 Feb 2020

Q&A with Versarien (VRS) Chief Executive Officer, Neill Ricketts Probably partly true JT!

jaytee41 12 Feb 2020

Buying opportunity! I no longer hold but I hope it comes good for all the LTHs. If it goes below 40 again then I might come back in, but it’s finding the bottom that’s always the problem

jaytee41 12 Feb 2020

Q&A with Versarien (VRS) Chief Executive Officer, Neill Ricketts I asked the same on LSE and got this response from user Able jaytee! I think you will find that N.R’s absence from Social Media is due to T,W’s written complaints to the useless F.C.A. about him flouting the rules and, he has also made blistering attacks about N.R’s engaging in the supply of misleading information. In my opinion a full scale investigation is now warranted as there has been loads of investors ignorant of the way that they can be duped. I for one shall not be buying any more Versarien’s until the air is cleared, in fact I am likely to sell my remaining shares as I too do not like uncertainty such as we are currently experiencing. Able

EyesonHawk2 12 Feb 2020

Buying opportunity! Held since 2017 topped up and still holding! eyeson…praying hard!

Ripley94 11 Feb 2020

Buying opportunity! Was that a question EyesonHawk2 or a view ? Not sure by your post what you are doing , do you hold them ?

EyesonHawk2 11 Feb 2020

Q&A with Versarien (VRS) Chief Executive Officer, Neill Ricketts To be honest someone knows something. nomads, brokers, advisors HMG and they have been tipped off…and so we wait! eyeson