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21:58 09/02/2020

*VRS are ...

21:57 09/02/2020

engaged in innumerable projects which are on the brink of fruition into commercialisation. An announcement(s) of such news could land at any time. Any one of these will provide the reassurance which many VRS investors are waiting to hear. When that happens, the share price and sentiment here will rapidly reverse!.

21:57 09/02/2020

Bargain price for VRS shares right now! Artificially lowered SP it seems ..

18:21 03/11/2017

Primary Bid: "The Offer for Versarien has closed early due to high investor demand"... #vrs

11:15 18/06/2015

Expect comments from the company with their results about their new technologies and an expanding order book. They will most likely be announcing a share placing at the same time and, as I see it the shares should see an improvement.

13:16 13/08/2014

Any theories about the recent SP recovery? Very strong today.

08:17 22/07/2014

RNS out: Total Carbide performing as expected, more development work in the pipeline for VersarienCu, 2-D Tech integrated. A few concerns about working capital mgt- receivables up sharply, invoice discounting required, cash down since midyear. Expect them to need another share placing in next 12m. On some modest assumptions for growth in the three businesses, see them close to breakeven in 2015, modestly profitable in 2016, then ramping up. 12m target price 32p.

09:36 21/07/2014

Final results to 31 Mar out tomorrow. Focus will be on integration of 2D Tech, acquired in April, progress of Total Carbide (orders, partnerships) which contributed revenues of £1.08m at the interim stage, and trading update said performance was expected to be "boradly inline" in H2; and progress of VTL, news of contract wins etc. Stock has languished since last trading update and absence of any news of contract wins, so these results have the potential to reassure and hopefully lift stock back to recent highs. Worth a punt ahead of the results- I will set a target price after digesting them.

09:44 19/06/2014

My guess is that one of the major institutional shareholders has been selling- watch out for an RNS soon if so. As at 16th May 2014, shareholders holding more than 3% of the issued share capital of Versarien plc were: Henderson Global Investors 21,169,121 20.15% Miton Group Plc 7,239,512 6.89% Blackrock Inc. 7,259,628 6.91% Unicorn Investment Fund 5,150,000 4.90% Herald Investment Management 5,035,950 4.79%

07:35 18/06/2014

RNS- only 335k new shares onto a base of 105m shares is only 0.3% dilution- so why the 10% drop yesterday?