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Philbot44 19 Jun 2017

Re: Directors Pay Taken years already and if they want that sort of pay it wont belong before you can divide the share price by 10 again..

lawrence77 19 Jun 2017

Re: Directors Pay Hi Raptor & MOL,Full credit to you guys for 'Holding On' in VRP, (Rap I guess you meant email VRP not N?).I held these shares for about a year and sold out when VRP went States-Side. On the principle that very few UK Cos succeed in the US. Also if the Product in the UK was not working out then it appeared a desperate move to go abroad. Ok they wanted more Cash, but the Yanks always put themselves first. Also what was that move going to do for the Product development, which could not be done here?Don't worry about the Directors is my advice, most AIM Cos Directors do well at the expense of the SHs. The main concern is the result of the Tests of the Product which in Pharma always takes years. GLA Lawrence

raptor66 19 Jun 2017

Re: Directors Pay I emailed VRP asking them to explain the high salary, I got a reply but no mention of the CEO salary.I have emailed VRN again ~4weeks ago, with no reply to the date.If £820k salary is true than the VRN Board are milking the company while making no profit at all.I think all the shareholders should email VRN, ref: salaries and ask them to justify the greed.

mol42 18 Jun 2017

European Mediscience Awards 2017 fwiw - not a lot we won Capital Market Transaction of the year[link] from of course the cash raised!mol

mol42 18 Jun 2017

Jefferies Healthcare Conference 8 Jun Presentation slides available[link]

paul1945 01 Jun 2017

Re: bit of info - analyst coverage Many thanks for thanks for info. very interesting

FabPhil 31 May 2017

Directors Pay 2016 Jan Ander Karlsson £820,286That's nearly 16k per week !!It's no surprise that they have not been in a rush. It's been playing on my mind since seeing the end of year accounts so much so that I sold up today.

mol42 25 May 2017

Re: bit of info ATS 2017 [link]

mol42 25 May 2017

bit of info ATS 2017 [link]

mol42 25 May 2017

Re: bit of info - analyst coverage more and more info available since launch - which will only increase over the next months[link] worth keeping an eye on our listing and reviewing all tabs as the future unfoldsbw allmol

mol42 25 May 2017

bit of info - analyst coverage albeit a few days back 22nd - i've just noted this though this evening[link] * .77 = £2.4that would be nice but i'm still hoping for more than that in next 12-24 mthsbeen here long enough that another couple of years is nothing - lolhowever whilst risk has been diminishing with each trial there remains a high risk here as any lth knowsmol

mol42 18 May 2017

Bit of info Arixbioscience [link] unfortunately we weren't mentioned specifically in interview on proactive sitemol

mol42 16 May 2017

Re: Our RNS holding releases oops meant to add we await update on website re capital structuremol

mol42 16 May 2017

Re: Our RNS holding releases so now we know - out of 865,200 exercisableThe underwriters have elected to purchase an additional 692,385 ADSs at the Global Offering price of $13.50 per ADS, raising approximately an additional $9.3 million in gross proceeds for the Company and bringing the total gross proceeds of the Global Offering to approximately $89.3 million (equivalent to approximately £69.9 million at the exchange rate used in the Global Offering prospectus). Closing of the partial exercise of the over-allotment option is expected to occur on Thursday, May 18, 2017. After the closing of the partial exercise of the over-allotment option, the total number of ADSs sold by Verona Pharma in the Global Offering will have increased to 6,460,385.i think that is a successmol

mol42 15 May 2017

Vernalis Agreement summary as per info in public domainVernalis Agreement We are party to a license agreement with Vernalis, under which we in-license certain intellectual property and were assigned certain patents and patent applications related to our business. We may enter into additional license agreements in the future. We expect that any future license agreements would impose various diligence, milestone payment, royalty, insurance and other obligations on us. Any uncured, material breach under these license agreements could result in our loss of rights to practice the patent rights and other intellectual property licensed to us under these agreements, and could compromise our development and commercialization efforts for any current or future product candidates. Under our agreement with Vernalis, we may not abandon any of the assigned patents or allow any of the assigned patents to lapse without consent from Vernalis, which is not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld. If we do not obtain such consent in a timely manner or at all and such assigned patent rights lapse or are abandoned, our agreement with Vernalis may be terminated in its entirety. For example, if we decide for commercial reasons to let an assigned patent lapse in a country of little commercial importance, but Vernalis does not provide consent and such patent rights lapse, we may lose all intellectual property rights covering RPL554 in multiple markets. Moreover, our future licensors may own or control intellectual property that has not been licensed to us and, as a result, we may be subject to claims, regardless of their merit, that we are infringing or otherwise violating the licensor's rights. In February 2005, Rhinopharma Limited, or Rhinopharma, entered into an assignment and license agreement with Vernalis Development Limited, or Vernalis, which we refer to as the Vernalis Agreement. In 2006, we acquired Rhinopharma and all of its rights and obligations under the Vernalis Agreement. Pursuant to the Vernalis Agreement, Vernalis assigned to us all of its rights to certain patents and patent applications relating to RPL554 and related compounds, or the Vernalis Patents. We cannot further assign the Vernalis Patents to a third party without Vernalis' prior consent. Vernalis also granted to us an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-bearing license under certain Vernalis know-how to develop, manufacture and commercialize products, or the Licensed Products, based on PDE inhibitors developed using Vernalis Patents, Vernalis know-how and the physical stock of certain compounds, including RPL554, which we refer to as the Program IP, in the treatment of human or animal allergic or inflammatory disorders. Pursuant to the Vernalis Agreement, we must maintain the Vernalis Patents and use commercially reasonable and diligent efforts to develop and commercialize the Licensed Products. Under the Vernalis Agreement, we are obligated to pay Vernalis a milestone payment of £5.0 million upon the first approval of any regulatory authority for the commercialization of any Licensed Product, and a portion equal to a percentage in the mid twenties of any consideration received from any of our sublicensees for Vernalis Patents or Vernalis know-how, excluding royalties. We must also pay Vernalis, on a Licensed Product-by-Licensed Product and country-by-country basis, a low to mid-single digit percentage royalty based on net sales of each Licensed Product for a period beginning with the first commercial sale of such Licensed Product in a country and ending on the later of the expiration of a certain number of years after such first commercial sale and if applicable the expiration of the last to expire valid claim in the Vernalis Patents covering the development, manufacture or commercialization of such Licensed Product in such country. Prior to the first commercial sale of each Licensed Product, such royalties also are due in the same percentages for any named patient sales. The Ve