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paulmc1 12 Sep 2017

Re: Stifel - ignore Sorry folks, wrong board

paulmc1 12 Sep 2017

Stifel Stifel has increased its trade size to 250,000 from 100,000, joining Singer (also our joint broker) while all the other market makers remain at 100,000. Stifel has also been on the bid touch all day while Singer has been on the ask touch (booo!, no loyalty). I'm not sure of the significance but that may play out in time.Btw and just for info,Stifel was announced by RNS on 1st September as nomad and sole broker for Verona, whose sp has just made a great recovery following good trial results announced on 7th September. Just a week later ... hmmmm. Maybe we could replace Singer with 'lucky' Stifel?

mol42 08 Sep 2017

Conference call slides available[link]

paulmc1 07 Sep 2017

Re: Excellent news Currently up 25% and 145 being paid, hope it's sustained.

Tired and Confused 07 Sep 2017

Excellent news Will be interesting to see if a further uplift comes when the American market open.This could be quite a dayAIMHO and DYOR

mol42 16 Aug 2017

Latest Corporate Presentation slides available - presumably used in wedbush presentation yesterday[link]

Philbot44 19 Jun 2017

Re: Directors Pay Taken years already and if they want that sort of pay it wont belong before you can divide the share price by 10 again..

lawrence77 19 Jun 2017

Re: Directors Pay Hi Raptor & MOL,Full credit to you guys for 'Holding On' in VRP, (Rap I guess you meant email VRP not N?).I held these shares for about a year and sold out when VRP went States-Side. On the principle that very few UK Cos succeed in the US. Also if the Product in the UK was not working out then it appeared a desperate move to go abroad. Ok they wanted more Cash, but the Yanks always put themselves first. Also what was that move going to do for the Product development, which could not be done here?Don't worry about the Directors is my advice, most AIM Cos Directors do well at the expense of the SHs. The main concern is the result of the Tests of the Product which in Pharma always takes years. GLA Lawrence

raptor66 19 Jun 2017

Re: Directors Pay I emailed VRP asking them to explain the high salary, I got a reply but no mention of the CEO salary.I have emailed VRN again ~4weeks ago, with no reply to the date.If £820k salary is true than the VRN Board are milking the company while making no profit at all.I think all the shareholders should email VRN, ref: salaries and ask them to justify the greed.

mol42 18 Jun 2017

European Mediscience Awards 2017 fwiw - not a lot we won Capital Market Transaction of the year[link] from of course the cash raised!mol

mol42 18 Jun 2017

Jefferies Healthcare Conference 8 Jun Presentation slides available[link]

paul1945 01 Jun 2017

Re: bit of info - analyst coverage Many thanks for thanks for info. very interesting

FabPhil 31 May 2017

Directors Pay 2016 Jan Ander Karlsson £820,286That's nearly 16k per week !!It's no surprise that they have not been in a rush. It's been playing on my mind since seeing the end of year accounts so much so that I sold up today.

mol42 25 May 2017

Re: bit of info ATS 2017 [link]

mol42 25 May 2017

bit of info ATS 2017 [link]