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millwallfan 13 Feb 2018

Re: Time to load up? Not such an easy decision if u average £2.30 - could be throwing good money after bad OR as a minimum 'lending' lots more for an extended period before any return. Personally I would be happy with my stake back. Very disappointed with the speed of progress and/or absence of a major partner

Balone 13 Feb 2018

Re: Time to load up? Yes I think so. Back to £1.50 over the next few weeks just on momentum buying is my guess.

Simonhare999 13 Feb 2018

Time to load up? Hopefully some positive news on the way and sooner than anticipated given today's RNS.

Tired and Confused 18 Jan 2018

Re: mol42 Yes I "chicken out" with the vast majority of my VAL holding at just over 7p. Year of averaging down left me with little choice just for sanity's sake!I've kept 50,000 'free ones' and expect to add to them if they drop to 3.5p. Still have faith that they will come good but just couldn't justify the percentage exposure I had when given the chance to reduce risk.Good luck with VRP, subject of a recent tip from Broker N+1 Singer 27.11.2017 BUY. Unlike a lot of Brokers, N+1 Singer have a pretty good record of getting it right!T&

mol42 06 Jan 2018

Re: mol42 Cheers T&CI sold my remaining interest in Val on recent spike - albeit not at the highmol

Tired and Confused 04 Jan 2018

Re: mol42 I for one read and benefit from your posts. Thank you and keep them coming. I must say I always smile when people think that a few posts on an obscure BB can move a share price, if only it were that easy. If posts do influence others then they have themselves to thank for the outcome because the golden rule is DYOR.Those who buy small pharma shares are often seduced by the prospect of making a fortune when the drug comes in. Fact is, it's often a long road to a dead end, non viable product but, when they do come off the rewards can be spectacular.So often, even when the shares come good it isn't the loyal, long term shareholders who benefit but those who have bought recently at a favourable price and see a quick result. This leaves those who have suffered years of dilution, funding the research phase with little to show for their loyalty.VRP have made it a long way up the slippery pole to success and there can be little doubt that any way of exposing yourself to the US market and investors is a good thing for a Business such as VRP because its a huge market and one where any commercially viable and effective drug can and will be paid for. However, what is good for the Business isn't always good for the long term shareholders VRP is a bit like VAL (I think from memory you have or had an interest there too?) in as much as they are a BUY for the speculative who can afford a large loss if things go tits up or a SELL if you don't want to keep averaging down when necessary to keep in touch with the share price with your holding. Just DON'T HOLD what you have and hope is my advice (to myself)Good luck allAIMHO and DYOR

mol42 22 Dec 2017

Re: mol42 me i'll.....[link] allbye lawrence - if you ever become a shareholder again perhaps i'll respond otherwise i'll continue to do what i dobw all - it's been a long road so far and looks like it will continue for a number of years yet!mol

mol42 22 Dec 2017

Re: mol42 Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the airAnd deep beneath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral cavesThe echo of a distant tideComes willowing across the sandAnd everything is green and submarineAnd no one showed us to the landAnd no one knows the wheres or whysBut something stirs and something triesAnd starts to climb towards the lightStrangers passing in the streetchance two separate glances meetAnd I am you and what I see is meAnd do I take you by the handAnd lead you through the landAnd help me understand the best I canAnd no one calls us to move onAnd no one forces down our eyesNo one speaksAnd no one triesNo one flies around the sunCloudless every day you fall upon my waking eyesInviting and inciting me to riseAnd through the window in the wallCome streaming in on sunlight wingsA million bright ambassadors of morningAnd no one sings me lullabiesAnd no one makes me close my eyesSo I throw the windows wideAnd call to you across the sky.[link] it's actually you talking to yourself - asking and answering your own questionsnow to this'Think First, Consider the Action, then Post'!if by that you mean i've ever, in any of my posts, thought that i may have influenced anyone to buy - you are delusional - though of course as a non shareholder now .....perhaps you did - and if so.... ain't what i do posting here - think - consider your action - and think again -lolstill my biggest aim holding - my risk - not yours or anyone elsesgood luck to you getting out in the "nick of time" hindsight will always be there tomorrowbtw you can use that with my permission - because i do actuallly think and it's my phrasei have never recommended buy sell hold nor commented on spnever willenjoy the song - i doand please don't shout at me LAWRENCE77 - lolthink first i just post info i find and pass the odd commentmol

raptor66 16 Dec 2017

Re: Mol42 We can moan as much as we like no one is going to take notice. The large shareholders need to take control and question the board regarding there motives, and their large numerations etc., when Co is not making a penny profit.VRP management is going about the business as if the flagship drug has passed all development phases and it is approved by the FDA, ready for the market.It could be those clever academics are just taking us for a ride and when the 'ship' sink, the RATs will just jump ship....................and shareholders will drown.

lawrence77 15 Dec 2017

Mol42 Hi Mol42,I notice that you have not posted a mail for some time now. Although previously you Dominated the Comments for a very long time, often appearing that you were 'Talking to and answering yourself'If you look at my posting 19 June you will see my prediction! Sp not looking very good ATM, eh? No wrong, it's appalling!May I respectfully that in future you 'Think First, Consider the Action, then Post'!Some one once said 'Tomorrow is another day' well I do hope it is a better day for the SHers still Holding on. I did say that it made No sense to move the Co to the USA whilst the CEO told the SH that every was on progress in the UK. OK, they needed Money, they could acquire that in the UK at decent rate, but that assumes that the Money Men saw any Benefit, clearly they could not, so would not 'Put up the Money'.I got out in'the nick of time' with a very small profit. I wonder how many SHs can say that? Is this a good time to invest? Has the SP hit the Bottom? We shall see!Come on MOL I am sure that you have some kind of answer for the current SP? No?GLA

mol42 21 Nov 2017

Re: 3% Shareholders 091117 - rhodi Cheers Rhodimol

mol42 18 Nov 2017

Our Chairman fwiw article and apparently interview august 2017Leaders of disruptive innovation … what the leaders of the world’s most innovative companies actually doDr David Ebsworth is Chairman of Verona Pharma What are some of the unique challenges that leaders today face, and how should they address them?Resources are much more limited in my industry today than before. Regulations cover nearly everything and are changing constantly. Currency fluctuations have a massive impact on international businesses. These issues can be addressed by developing and following a long-term vision for the business and building the capability in the organization to understand the strategy, know each unit’s role in delivering this strategy, and setting up processes which enable action, with a clear understanding of each unit’s freedom to act.What are the three or four factors that are most critical to managing as a disruptive leader? How do you address each one?Having a clear vision of the future — Requires long term focus on the key factors to deliver. Challenging employees to be better than they think possible — Supporting rebels and people with the commitment to deliver. Forgiving mistakes and learning from them — Requires clear examples to be credible.In a recent insigniam executive sentiment study, 87% of executives said that innovation was critical to their continued competitive advantage, yet only 15% felt their organizations were well prepared to deliver the requisite innovation. In your opinion, why is there such a disparity?The speed of business is accelerating. Most organizations thrive on what they have done well in the past. This difference creates the issue. Few organizations support and reward innovation in a clear way.Can you quickly share some of your leadership challenges and how you addressed them?When I started in my new job, most people believed our most advanced development project was too late and too expensive to develop. I identified the key success factors with a cross-functional team approach and challenged them to deal with the issues. A year was cut from the time, and cost reduced significantly. As a result, a partnership deal was possible, which delivered significant short-term revenue. What have you done to create the conditions for sustained innovation in your enterprise?Not enough! More process is needed and the support of the true innovators should be clearer to the whole presumably that deal which delivered short term revenue was turned down as we haven't had any such notification! however our Chairman at least continues to buy not only on open market but in our recent fund raising together with, i still believe to be SB (majority of same) though no evidence for said belief , in private placing separate from global offeringIn addition, the Chairman of Verona Pharma's board of directors, Dr. David Ebsworth, and an existing shareholder agreed to subscribe for 254,099 new ordinary shares at a price of £1.32 per ordinary share in a shareholder private placement separate from the Global Offering (the "Shareholder Private Placement", contingent on and concurrent with the Global Offering and generating additional gross proceeds of £335 thousand.[link] pdf 131117 presentation below [link] (down considerably over recent weeks but not out)

mol42 18 Nov 2017

Re: 3% Shareholders 091117 - rhodi Rhodi I note your comments re vs however no change in directors and mgt holding % at .5 since May 17 as per recent website update 9 nov and rns update 7 nov.And as we know no rns since. I don’t know why lse shows as nil and for how long it has but I would be very surprised if he had sold and company not informed or didn’t know and didn’t release an rns and whilst I’m comfortable he still holds i’m certainly hoping one isn’t released next week!I’m also though obviously very disappointed in sp since Nasdaq listing!I cannot find anything this afternoon to indicate otherwise re vs or any other pdmr selling.mol

millwallfan 09 Nov 2017

Re: 3% Shareholders 091117 As I have commented before I think it is a positive that no one fund hold sufficient to make a move to take control once there is the first whiff of major uplift through mass commercialisation. That won't stop a major pharma making a move. Let's hope Verona can match what gwpharmaceuiticals achieved in the USA

mol42 09 Nov 2017

3% Shareholders 091117 The Company's issued share capital consists of 105,017,401 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 5 pence each ("Ordinary Shares", each share having equal voting rights. The Company does not hold any Ordinary shares in treasury and therefore the number of Ordinary Shares with voting rights is 105,017,401.In accordance with AIM Rule 26, in so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of the Company's issued share capital that is not in public hands is 67.5%. The percentage of the Company's issued share capital held by the Directors and management is 0.5%.A number of European and US healtchare specialist investment firms have invested in the Company. At 9 November 2017, the interests in excess of 3% of the Company’s issued share capital are as set out in the table.Novo 11.80Vivo Funds 11.37OrbiMed 9.53New Enterprise Associates 9.29Abingworth 6.87Venbio Partners 6.67Rothschild 5.49Foresite Capital Management 4.76Tekla 4.20Aisling 3.38Arthurian 3.24just like to keep an eye on thisbw allmol