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PrefInvestor1 14:10

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi Again @ValueSeeker8, Yes I use investing.com as well. Also good for real-time pricing. There are two problems with it from my perspective though:- It doesnt cover 100% of the stocks in my portfolio (there are about 4 that it doesnt cover). Stockwatch has them all. Investing.com prices are those for the last trade (so might be a buy or a sell). If you download the data then bid & offer prices are present for some stocks but not all and are pretty unreliable. So updating your portfolio with these is either slightly optimistic or pessimistic. But if you are mostly interested in tracking what one given stocks is doing in detail (because you want to trade it ?) then investing.com is better I think as you can get the presentation as a chart rather than in tabular form. ATB Pref

ValueSeeker8 13:51

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi @PrefInvestor1, I use investing.com watchlist to get live bid/offer prices! (if selected in the options) It is more convenient as it is continuous and never stops, so you can watch for however long u want! Rather than having to re-connect every now and then. Also, you can get (technical opinion/rec @ 5 min, 15 min, hourly and daily pattern) if you hover the mouse over the name of any stock in the list. The buy/sell indicators could be misleading as it is derived from mid-price, a useful indicator but not reliable! Best Regards @ValueSeeker8

PrefInvestor1 13:31

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi @valueseeker8, I am sure that’s true and if your are mainly interested in following whatca particular stock is doing I’m sure that’s a good way of doing it. Personally I want to update my portfolio with real-time data and have an even larger set of investments that I might want to buy/sell for which I would like up to the minute bid/offer prices. So for my purposes having all these in a watchlist that updates in realtime represents the most useful way to use the sites facilities for me. ATB Pref

ValueSeeker8 13:04

GBP / USD Going Higher? You do not need to construct a stockwatch list to access live SP or access the book. Just use the share prices tool, enter the epic of the share u r interested in then click on TRADES tap! Like in the example below: image.png802x657 29.5 KB Best regards @ValueSeeker8

PrefInvestor1 11:59

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi All, If anyone is interested in obtaining free real-time stock prices then check out the stockwatch function at shares magazine:- [link] This site is the replacement for the old MoneyAM and has had some teething problems, but it seems usable now. It LOOKS like the old MoneyAM user interface but doesnt work quite the same way, you can only enter one stock at a time and need to press Save afterwards (a bit tedious) but you only need to do this once. Thereafter if you want to edit the list you need to use the pencil icon (which isnt just to change the name its really an Edit button). Once your list is all set up it will do single shot updates if you do a page refresh or you can “go live” and it will update in real time all on its own. Sometimes this works for a bit and then says “connection closed” and you need to “go live” again. Access to the order book is provided via the T icon much as before on MONEYAM. I am using it for the first time today and I am finding it very good. Best of all I can get prices for all of my stocks, ITs and ETFs from here - so its a one stop shop for portfolio updating. Check it out if you are interested. I only have a free subscription and I have encountered no restrictions so far. ATB Pref

PrefInvestor1 23 Mar 2019

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi @StevesShares/All, Hi All, Well a tough day on the markets yesterday. What caused it, take your pick – global growth fears, Fed stopping rate hikes, falling bond yields, eurozone growth fears, poor PMI data, brexit – or all of those things together maybe. £ bounced back strongly and I think it was up almost 1.5% at one point against the euro. With European stocks down anyway plus the currency move that made for a 3%+ down day there. Anyway we’ve had a good run since the start of the year so I guess we were due a reality check. I was somewhat at a loss to understand the rise the day before, but wasn’t complaining !. Well LLOY has dropped from a high of about 66.17p on 18/3 down to close at 62.31p yesterday. That’s 3.86p or about 5.8% ! and way more than the upcoming divi of 2.14p which actually might take it almost back into the 5Xs from where we are today. But LLOY is far from the only casualty, AV.was down 3.5% yesterday and is now down from ~436 to ~409 since 19/3, LGEN down from 285 to 269 since 6/3. HSBA is back close to its year low at 613. So it’s not just Lloyds. Where will we go next week I wonder ?. Just have to wait and see as always I guess. If brexit IS a prime cause then expect more volatility. ATB Pref

StevesShares 22 Mar 2019

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi Pref, Today has certainly not been a good day in the markets. At close of play yesterday, which was the last day for scrip election, things looked hopeful, with HSBC up over 6p. Perhaps on this occasion, those taking the dividend in cash will benefit - we must wait until early next week to see what cash exchange rate is announced. It will be interesting to find out the percentage uptake of scrips, and where the share price is when the dividend is paid. Have a good weekend. Regards, Steve

J_Westlock 22 Mar 2019

GBP / USD Going Higher? Increasingly nowadays online brokers won’t process scrip divis. There are still some that will process LSE scrips but if you want a Broker that will also process foreign (non-UK) scrips then the short list goes down to just one… (in my experience)… and that is Saxo.

PrefInvestor1 22 Mar 2019

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi Again @StevesShares, StevesShares: …but the payout was reduced from 90c for 2007 to 64c for 2008 and to 34c for 2009, then increased again year on year until (and including) 2015, but has remained flat ever since! Those lower dividends combined with not taking full scrip at all opportunities will have reduced the increase in your share count . The exchange rate situation as you say I can see is also a significant factor and as the £ was a lot stronger prior to the referendum that will likely have reduced the number of scrip shares also. One of the perils in investing in USD based stock I guess. I have sometimes thought of opening an account with a different broker (mine doesnt allow you to do scrip) and using it to hold a selection of stocks that DO provide scrip dividends eg BP, RDSB, HSBA and many others actually. Its a thought. ATB Pref

StevesShares 21 Mar 2019

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi Pref, I think I may have mentioned it before - there is a broad brush “Rule of 72” when looking at compound interest, but not very accurate for very low or very high rates of interest! Divide 72 by the rate of interest, and you will will have (approximately) the number of years it takes to double your money, but as we all know, interest rates (and dividend yields) change! Although our new scrips for the current dividend should generate one new scrip for each of the next three quarters, even if we took the maximum next time, those new shares would not provide enough dividend (@ 10c/per share) for any new shares the following quarter! When the share price is low, the number of new shares available is higher than when the share price increases. Although we only increased the number of shares by about 5% last year, the number of shares available for this dividend is about 28% higher than this time last year, due to a much lower share price and more favourable exchange rate. We have not always taken any scrips, and rarely take the full allocation, and because we had to “raid” other funds to take advantage of the 2009 Rights Issue, we were keen to replenish those funds, which we did by not taking any scrips for about two and a half years - but not immediately after the Rights Issue. We probably should have taken scrips in early 2012 (the third interim dividend was paid in January in those days), when the price was well below £5 (US $ 7.5) per share, but we needed some extra cash at that point! As we obtain more scrips when the price is low, we have not been in any hurry to see the share price rise, but it would be good to see some capital gain in due course. I am quite content with the overall progress since 2009, but having been allocated shares initially at £8.8375 (not that we paid anything for them), there is still some way to go! Those shares did, however, generate the “five for twelve” Rights Issue shares in 2009, and we have received dividends each year, but the payout was reduced from 90c for 2007 to 64c for 2008 and to 34c for 2009, then increased again year on year until (and including) 2015, but has remained flat ever since! Due to Sterling falling quite sharply against the dollar at the time of the BREXIT referendum, the amount we have received increased quite nicely for the next two (calendar) years, but dipped back last year - mainly due to the exchange rate for the larger dividend paid in early April last 2018. I am hoping to see some improvement again in the total dividend (cash and scrips) during 2019. All the best with your investments. Regards, Steve

PrefInvestor1 21 Mar 2019

GBP / USD Going Higher? Hi @StevesShares, Ahhhh compound interest, I think it was Albert Einstein that said it was the 8th wonder of the world ?. And obtaining a good yield on your investments and re-investing your dividends is certainly key to long term success when investing. I saw some tables the other day that said that a 7% return compounded over 10 years will double your money and a 5% return over 20 years would increase it by 2.5x. I haven’t tried to validate these but they sound about right to me on the face of it. Your completely “hands off “ strategy with HSBA taking scrip much of the time clearly aims to benefit from this approach. If you have managed to gain about 5% more shares each year via scrip then over 20 years you will have increased your share count by 2.5x (assuming that the statements above were correct). Had the share price doubled (as might have been expected over 20 years) then you would have increased your capital an income by a factor of 5 if that were true. Unfortunately the share price hasn’t performed well and has been well down on the 9xx it was in 2001. At 6xx today (say 2/3 rds ?) then you might have increased your capital and income by 2.5 x 2/3 = ~1.67 if these sums are correct (which they very well may not be !). Anyway still pretty good for having done nothing but complete your scrip application forms. btw I did these wet finger calculations for academic interest only and I’m not expecting any response from you . I was just interested to see what the potential return from your strategy might be. For myself, personally I count my investing life to have started in 2012 (I was invested earlier than that but sold out in 2008 and did not return till 2012). I did some analysis during the week which showed that my capital has grown by about 70% in that time, difficult to say on the income as yields on prefs were much higher then (about 8-10%) compared with more like 6% on my portfolio today. That 70% growth would have been closer to 80% had it not been for the pref disaster in March 2018. Still not bad for 7 years. This has been a turbulent year for my portfolio and I am hoping things will settle down now. I have completed re-shaping my portfolio to use mostly ITs and ETFs now and my plan now is just to sit back and re-invest the dividend stream and leave the rest to Albert…E=MC**2 !. ATB Pref

ValueSeeker8 20 Mar 2019

Update on VOD's Liberty Deal: EU opens full-scale probe I may be wrong, but I think there is a difference between ending a probe (2/05) and actually getting approval (3/6).

jackdawsson 20 Mar 2019

Update on VOD's Liberty Deal: EU opens full-scale probe Maybe of interest & posted here as germane to existing thread. GLA. Report out after market closed. "UPDATE 1-Vodafone to receive EU warning over $22 bln Liberty deal -sources. Wed, 20th Mar 2019 17:31. (Recasts, Adds European Commission and Vodafone declining to comment) By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS, March 20 (Reuters) - Vodafone will receive a warning from EU regulators about possible anti-competitive effects from its $22 billion deal to buy Liberty Global’s German and eastern European assets, two people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. The warning, via a statement of objections setting out the European Commission’s concerns, is expected to be conveyed to the companies shortly, the sources said, ahead of a June 3 deadline for the EU executive’s regulatory approval. The world’s second-largest mobile operator and U.S. cable pioneer John Malone’s Liberty announced the deal in May last year in a move that would help Vodafone to compete with rival Deutsche Telekom in its home market. Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso and Vodafone declined to comment. The EU antitrust enforcer opened a full-scale investigation in December last year, saying that the deal could hurt competition in Germany and the Czech Republic. Vodafone is expected to offer concessions to address EU concerns about the deal. (Reporting by Foo Yun Chee Additional reporting by Paul Sandle in London Editing by David Goodman)"

Eadwig 20 Mar 2019

Buybacks or Dividends? Sorry about that! - and to anyone else I’ve misnamed or confused in the process.

StevesShares 20 Mar 2019

Buybacks or Dividends? Hi Eadwig, Now I am really confused! It wasn’t me who used that single quote from your post - it was Bowman. Anyway, thanks for the general apology and clarifying what you actually meant , even if I have been “named and shamed” in the process! Regards, Steve