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Gailes5 25 Jan 2018

BUY BUY, not sell Still can’t get rid of the sell recommendation. Have written to III but no reply. I wonder what is afoot as we have a marked increase in transactions in the last few days, not huge but big for VLE. It seems strange as for many weeks we only had small sells, probably ex NMT holders selling, either deceased estates or simply to small to keep holding. Now new buyers, who like to remain anonymous Gretel, as it is still a duet! As for Simso’s old but excellent post, I would only say that he is being ultra conservative particularly in relation to Swire. I would value it at double his figure. Still a significant gain to go for even from the giddy heights of 10 quid! Thanks for your input and good luck.

gretel 25 Jan 2018

Buying above 1000p now It's worth remembering that after the interims another poster (Simso) produced a "sum of the parts" valuation as follows which gave an NAV of 1,389p per share.Of course, subsequent to Simso's valuation there's been the £3.4m share buyback at 835p of 408,000 shares. Which is looking quite a good move now!On a quick calculation, that improves VLE's NAV per Simso's figures to around 1450p per share - or say 1550p-1600p if you add to Simso's conservative valuation any value at all for Sira Defence, assume growth for Impetus etc.Here's Simso's post again for reference: "1. Shire: My profit assumption for H2 is that it will match last year's H2 of £1.02m. We are now past the anniversary of sterling devaluation, so the negative impact on margins has worked through. The re-pricings they have progressively done through H1, and also the fact that sterling in H2 may actually be better than H2 last year, may make the out-turn better. A full year out-turn PBT of £0.78m, I apply a lowly rating of 5* Post Tax Earnings to derive a value of £3.1m. 2. Impetus: I am hoping for at least £3.7m PBT as already explained. I would value this much more highly, and think a market average P/E of 14 times is prudent given the growth and contractual backing for the earnings. Value £41.4m. 3. Perhaps harshly I give no value to Sira. 4. £2.6m of NTAV given that it is mostly freehold property.That gives a Gross Value of £47.2m, from which I deduct 20% for Minorities and a further 10% for Bruvva's Bonus for the increase in value created....so net net £31.2m. I would expect year end cash to be at least £22.5m, so my total SOTP valuation of the business is £56.6m (£13.89 a share)."

gretel 24 Jan 2018

Looking good for £10+ now Around £37,000 of buying yesterday and today, including five small lots this morning around 990p from 10.30 onwards. A keen buyer out there?

Gailes5 15 Jan 2018

Trades Quite a few small buyers but the MMS seem to have a bit of stock on their books, once that is finished I see a good hike up to well over £10 Can’t get rid of the sell image, don’t know how to, but in my view a very strong buy.

Gailes5 04 Jan 2018

Re: More new highs now Stockopedia followers must have woken up today! It must be a very long time, if ever, there has been so many trades with the few sellers being easily absorbed. With all these new holders, Gretel, we might not be so lonely here for much longer.

gretel 04 Jan 2018

More new highs now Above 900p now, but still loads of upside imo towards a fair valuation of VLE's investee companies and incorporating the cash pile.Gailes5, great to see an enthusiastic poster here! The Stockopedia mention appears to have generated some nice heat, but with VLE patience is the key. Hold through the quiet periods and investors should be well rewarded as they always have been to date.Although with any luck there will be a trading update in March if last year is anything to go by. So not long to wait.

Gailes5 03 Jan 2018

Not a deluge of buyers but sufficient to take out the stock the MM’s appeared to have. Onwards and upwards hopefully. Should easily be over £10 soon unless a market correction.

Gailes5 03 Jan 2018

Re: Tipped for 2018 on Stockopedia OMG where on earth did the sell recommendation come from! Most definitely BUY

Gailes5 03 Jan 2018

Re: Tipped for 2018 on Stockopedia Thanks Gretel. Doesn’t look as if followers of Stockopedia are exactly piling in! I managed to buy the rest of what I wanted yesterday and now have sufficient for an illiquid share albeit one that is considerably undervalued.

gretel 03 Jan 2018

Tipped for 2018 on Stockopedia One of their Naps for the year:[link] Micro Cap Style Neutral - Holding CompaniesMarket Cap: £30.3 million, StockRank: 83Volvere is an investment company that buys majority stakes in undervalued and/or distressed businesses and endeavours to fix them. Currently, its holdings span security solutions, food manufacturing and automotive consultancy. Shares in the group rose in by more than 65 per cent in 2017 and the latest interim figures show that its portfolio companies are trading in line with expectations or, in the case of the consultancy firm Impetus Automotive, trading very strongly. This is a favourite of Graham Neary, who covered the stock in September 2017.Company statement: “I'm delighted to report a solid set of results for the first half of 2017. We look forward to continuing progress in the remainder of 2017… Volvere and its team are strong and we are well placed to capitalise on further opportunities as they arise.”

Gailes5 28 Dec 2017

Re: Moving up nicely today Had been watching the spread over the last few trading days and dipped my toes in again. Could only get 500 at 860p . Will try again tomorrow for the balance but will not chase them.

gretel 28 Dec 2017

Moving up nicely today Moving up, and a decent spread too.A happy New Year to Gailes5 (and anyone else lurking here). I have a strong suspicion that 2018 will be yet another good year for VLE holders!

Gailes5 01 Dec 2017

Re: News from Impetus sibsidiary Well spotted Gretel and thanks for sharing. Our share price has been somewhat disappointing since the buy back operation I suppose due to almost unawareness of our company. We will have to wait until the next set of figures to see some activity but it does apppear that Impetus is going to be an absolute winner that should have a very material effect on our asset value. Seems to be you alone with the occasional assist from me! I am almost tempted to buy a few more and may do so if I see a tight spread. Good luck!

gretel 01 Dec 2017

News from Impetus sibsidiary [link] and Audatex - An exciting partnership delivering genuine parts sales growth.November 03, 2017Impetus Automotive is delighted to announce that we are working with Audatex UK to help our Vehicle Manufacturer clients increase their share of genuine parts sales into the bodyshop market place. Data, provided by Audatex and authorised by the repairer, will be used by Impetus to assist Vehicle Manufacturers to sell additional OEM parts. The data feed, complying with the impending GDPR regulations, will enable Impetus to proactively contact Bodyshops to promote genuine parts for general repairs as well as in support of Total Loss Avoidance programmes, fixing vehicles that would otherwise have been written off as uneconomical to repair.Stewart Myles, Audatex UK Head of Crash Repair Business Development, said “Impetus Automotive is a well-respected and highly regarded partner to a large number of Vehicle Manufacturers. Audatex is offering Impetus a technical solution that will improve the services provided into the crash repair space and ultimately help VM’s increase genuine part sales. This is an exciting development for both companies”."

gretel 02 Nov 2017

Interest rate rise benefits VLE The base rate has just been raised, so hopefully VLE will earn a little more interest on their £17m+ cash pile (against a £30m m/cap). Every little helps ))