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Ripley94 16 Jan 2019

( S ) First main market tip. UPL… XXXXX Disappointing 7am RNS "duster " down 35% to 2.2p this time last year 1.29p . Had been as high as 4.35p in September 2018. When i looked in the march it was 2.45p

millie 04 Sep 2018

Broken through the strong resistance at 4p. Experienced management team. Wick drilling due to start this month. Strong following building up on Twitter and other share forums.

Ripley94 08 Mar 2018

Re: ( S ) First main market tip. Share prophets .. " death spiral loan " RNS today.Share price up 7% .. 2.75p,( S ) Gave a better tip here.

Ripley94 13 Jan 2018

Re: ( S ) First main market tip. We have had worse news now concerning the council / planing .Not been affected like EDR or UJO have ?

ballymena bill 04 Jul 2017

Re: From The Oil Man today... Makes one wonder. Banana republic comes to mind

Jitter 04 Jul 2017

From The Oil Man today... You couldn't make it up, only in an English County Council could a planning committee go against the recommendation of its own planning department and refuse an application that had addressed all the concerns previously raised. This means that the Wressle field and its important revenue will be delayed yet again whilst the Councillors raise a toast to their own importanceÉ

Jitter 25 Apr 2017

New to this share, but I like this... All of the Directors participated in the Placing and subscribed for an aggregate of 64,769,230 Placing Shares for aggregate £842,000 in cash (at the placing price of 1.3p per share).J.

Ripley94 24 Jan 2017

( S ) First main market tip. Noticed today .. They must of been involved in placing 24 November @ 1.3 plower now ( there tips have bad track record )Seem to have brought into Wressle ( EDR ) via 10% stake from Europa.Bad timing !!!

f32 04 Apr 2016

Bought in today Followed for a while, like the Cove connection and indeed 88e , not many shares in issue and with recent large director buy I think it should have a good run ahead.f32

dickie3times 31 Mar 2016

Director buys 18m shares Good reason to follow where the smart money goes. imo