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longtermBLVR 02 Mar 2019

Break Even...not far off 304 iTrackII systems in operation, Co said it needs 580 to B/E. 91 installed in February, BHP and Glencore have been using it for almost 2 years, whereas 9 more trials are still ongoing for almost 2 years too. Meaning more iTRII’s soon? Net Cash burn should be down to 70-80k pm, so if another 100-200 systems are announced in next 1-2 months it will mean sufficient cash to take us to B/E…which should be expected, at this rate, sometime in summer? It is very likely that no more cash will need to be raised and by 2019’s end the Co’s future will be well secured (even ignoring any SawSense deals and chunky sales of Probes). I have a feeling that with 1-2 more announcements, this Board will get back to life again!!

longtermBLVR 31 May 2018

cash burn From last interims, at end December:Net cash at end of period of £1.33 mln (Jun 2017: £2.52m) i.e. about 1.2 mln burned in July-Dec 17, whereas cash at end April was 0.8 mln, i.e. 0.5 mln burned over 4 months (or 0.75 mln for full 6 months, assuming a steady rate).This means, appx, a 38% reduction of cash outflow from 1.2 to 0.75 mln between July 2017 and June 2018. So at end June 2018 the Co should have about 1.5 mln cash (with Placing cash).

longtermBLVR 31 May 2018

25% dilution Vs... Not going bust!This explains the steady SP drop to 33p on no news.New players have invested a fresh 1 mln, waiting for some new contracts tb announced.SP steady, so Market cap of appx 5 mln Vs cash of (min) 1.5 mln.Hope the Management can now focus on winning business.

longtermBLVR 27 Apr 2018

why +13%? SP lost 50% on zero news, and now rising on zero news!!We have 2 months left for the Y/E, and no news for almost 3 months!Co said in Feb that cash burn was slowing down, which means that probably we will still have sufficient cash left...if we were running low, the Co should have announced a cash raising already. So, what is going on? Why the prior fall in the SP? And why the rise now?Is something big being prepared?

longtermBLVR 03 Mar 2018

Re: Beaufort Securities - Insolvent ONe less broker to manipulate the SP down! BSL was probably shut down by the FCA because they were got red handed by the FBI, manipulating stock prices (read on Bloomberg).Maybe this will be the turning point for TRT?

John of Groats 02 Mar 2018

Beaufort Securities - Insolvent "Transense Technologies plc notes the Financial Conduct Authority's ("FCA" announcement today regarding Beaufort Securities Limited ("BSL" and Beaufort Asset Clearing Services Limited being placed into insolvency. The FCA's announcement disclosed that the FCA has imposed requirements requiring the Firms to cease all regulatory activity. BSL were a joint broker to Transense. As a result of the requirements imposed by the FCA, BSL will no longer be able to provide broking services to Transense.""finnCap Ltd continue to act as nominated adviser and broker to Transense Technologies plc."Less than a month ago, BSL issued a broker's note on TRT reducing its target price from 150p to 100p. Optimists!

longtermBLVR 13 Jan 2018

Re: March Interim Results I agree that newsflow is lacking and the big delays in orders are worrying.However, cash stood at 2.5 mln at June end and appx 1 mln NET cash had been used during the previous 12 months. Obviously, the net cash burn for this year should be higher (maybe even up to 2 miln) but this is being offset by the Glencore/BHP rentals of iTrackII - so, we should still have cash for at least another year and a half (ignoring the positive cash impact of "increased" sales of Probes and the PCAS, as we know nothing about its significance or not).So, still far off from another dilution but yes, 2018 is the year that the Co MUST show a turnaround, otherwise...

Another Jacko 12 Jan 2018

Re: March Interim Results My own opinion is that if they can't make a success out of it with the remaining cash they have they should sell up and return the proceeds to shareholders but then i'm biased because I only bought in at 1.3p in old money and expect to make a profit on this basis.Other than that it is another dilutive fundraising with no guarantee that they will be any better off in a few years time.

luguvalium 11 Jan 2018

March Interim Results The Board has explained in the past that TRT had been a victim of the slowdown in the mining industry and hence the potential for Translogik to increase its order intake at the projected rate had been undermined. Forgive me if I have missed something, but the mining industry have been going through something of a renaissance over the last 3 years and as the original field trials were undertaken 5-6 years ago and were proven successful why are we still struggling to become cash flow positive? BHP appear fairly sold on the technology and Glencore have dipped their toe in but as for other mining companies and other locations than Chile there does appear to be a lack of penetration into what we are told is a growing market. Clearly there is more to Transense than just the iTrack and probes but how we go from year to year with very little growth in revenues, continued losses and declining cash balances defeats me. The dawning of the age of SAW is such a slow burner the expiration of its patents will surely be upon us before this company ever gets off the ground. One can only hope that the March results will prove to be the turning point so many of us have been waiting for.

jgrjgr 03 Jan 2018

Re: price rise Price FALL!!! Just fading away gradually ?? Down another 5% today!!

longtermBLVR 09 Oct 2017

price rise It might seem that the NOMAD (Market Maker) is expecting an important RNS?...otherwise there is no logic for this price rise on so little volume!When you have similar volume, or even higher, on other occasions, the price barely moves.

longtermBLVR 27 Sep 2017

Re: Investor Event Did anybody go last night?? Any questions of significance?

longtermBLVR 26 Sep 2017

Re: Investor Event More of a mixed bag (still delays with sales, nothing on the European OEM) but cash is slowly flowing in from IT2 and the probes may be finally about to take off.As electric cars will probably take over the rest in a few years, it'd be good if someone asked whether the Co has any chance of getting its sensors in these cars.

jgrjgr 26 Sep 2017

Re: Investor Event 26/9/17 Its MOVING at last!!Excellent news at the investor event –all about marketing now! At last a chance to recoup some of my losses here!!"The forward looking cash flow based on the anticipated level of activity indicates that the Group should have sufficient funds available for the short to medium term" Signed significant, non-exclusive, license with General Electric ("GE" for single specialist application using SAW technology it has become clear that our product is the tread depth tool of choice for Bridgestone, Goodyear and Continental, amongst others and as a result our probe revenue in the final quarter of the year experienced a marked upturn

longtermBLVR 08 Sep 2017

Re: Investor Event can someone ask when they would anticipate "Siemens?" to allow them to release details of the collaboration and the results of the pilot tests? I think that is quite significant!Also, how the move towards electric cars will impact the flexplate projects with legacy car companies? the time GM etc launch the flexplates, their cars might be outdated and obsolete by Tesla et al. Unless they can "go to bed" with Tesla etc?