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In the dark yet again 14 Feb 2018

Re: Korean relations Hadn't thought of that but why 2nd Feb as South/North 'improvements' are a bit older than that? Plus improvement, yes, but only just back an extra inch from the brink; 1% on an exam is an improvement if you got zero last time! I can't see this very slight thawing of an otherwise very strained relationship reflecting through on Titon like that but it's a thought. To me it sounds like something is up just they haven't said anything about it yet, maybe a bid lurking somewhere in the background - these things are meant to be secrets but the City leaks like a colanderRegards,ITDYA

Welsheagle 14 Feb 2018

Korean relations Are the improving relations between South and North Korea the reason for recent gains.

In the dark yet again 14 Feb 2018

Re: Good value 1st Feb 155p, 2nd Feb 183.5p, now nudging £2 but no news (other than a director selling a few 5th Feb). Something clearly afoot, maybe the annual report has 'leaked'? - trading on it should be inside info therefore illegal but I guess there's nothing to stop the market maker(s?) simply marking it up.Or is there some news I've missed like a big contract announcement because there's no RNS or anything on the Titon web site.Me, not complaining just very curious.Regards,ITDYA

jezza51 02 Oct 2017

Good value Bought today - will run up ahead of Results in December....🤞

In the dark yet again 11 May 2017

Re: Good Results Another set of good results: market certainly likes it.iii RNS playing up so not under the news tab.Try:[link]

schwee 09 Jan 2017

Re: Good Results Yes, good results but cash conversion was nowt to write home about.

Barqueleigh 31 Dec 2016

Good Results Good results posted this month. Increased dividend and growth prospects looking good. A bit too concentrated on Korea, but delving into other markets to spread the market risk. I like this share, even if Mr Market marks it down when there is no news.Any one else out there?Happy 2017 to all.

mcescher 30 Jul 2015

Found this good report on TON Titon Holdings is looking undervalued on this report [link]

II Editor 20 Mar 2015

NEW ARTICLE: Titon leaves Share Sleuth "The bargain share came good and leaves the Share Sleuth portfolio to make way for new blood. It’s not a good feeling.I’ve ejected Titon from the Share Sleuth portfolio to free up cash for investment in another company. I feel a bit grubby ..."[link]

II Editor 18 Feb 2015

NEW ARTICLE: Titon: On the front foot "Titon’s annual report is a revelation. It shows us what the company has done to survive, and what it must now do to prosper.Titon, a tiny manufacturer of window latches, trickle vents, door handles and ventilation systems for homes and ..."[link]

II Editor 15 Dec 2014

NEW ARTICLE: Titon: Clear profit "After a decade of marginal results, tiny Titon has finally produced a definitive one, and it’s a profit! Revenue increased 22% and adjusted profit increased 595% from very low levels, due to growth at Titon’s South Korean joint ventures, ..."[link]

JakNife 11 Dec 2014

Good results this am What's there not to like? Cash at bank, pe of 8, div yield of 3.6%, good old fashioned sector geared to a house building recovery!