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jaja 09 Nov 2015

RNS in JLP !!

STRIDER 15 Oct 2015

Not much volume compared to recently...What does this mean? Is there an announcement in the pipeline?

STRIDER 11 Oct 2015

Just a question...is the 10 project the first of tullows fields to be developed by tullow to produce oil next year?

STRIDER 07 Oct 2015

Topped £2.50 now guy's

STRIDER 07 Oct 2015

I personally think the escalations in Syria are having an effect and making OPEC nervous. Just think this due to OPEC considering talks with the USA since Russia started their campaign.

STRIDER 07 Oct 2015

Surpassed £2.40 now and still rising!!! just about got back my larger punt then it's in the blue...Happy days.

STRIDER 06 Oct 2015

Even though I am very new to this I have to say that there is usually a battle of wisdom between some parties debating this share. I am curious though...how is it that MisterX1 has been reduced to one liners.

STRIDER 06 Oct 2015

Brent trading now at $51.88

STRIDER 06 Oct 2015

New to this myself. Do folk think this share is on the up and up or just having a good rally before dropping again.

LMIGKP 24 Sep 2015

A nice buying oppourtunity

Crystalball 29 Apr 2015

Is Tullow Oil vulnerable to a take over bid? Profit margins reduced drastically, glut in global oil supply, cost cutting. Is the SP rising because its well under valued or its due for a take over bid?

Swordfish 13 Mar 2015

I just registered to salute MisterX1. Almost every broker is saying buy,buy Tullow but Mr. X is being proven right. I decided to take a hit and just closed out. MisterX1 your 250 is definitely on the card.

elliottsilverman 11 Mar 2015

where's the horrible news that was predicted on here y'day?? "Testing of the Amosing-1 and Amosing-2A wells have revealed "excellent results", the company said, flowing at maximum rates of 5,600 and 6,000 barrels of oil per day respectively."... TLW has to be a serious takeover target if SP continues like this.