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whitelabel 01 Dec 2016

Re: Anyone received anything from ITS yet? And as if by magic my ITS share certificate arrived this morning!Now the wait continues to see if it will ever be worth anything.

whitelabel 29 Nov 2016

Anyone received anything from ITS yet? Or heard any news at all??

robbed cruiso 31 Oct 2016

does anyone know whats happening Just read that gos systems are going to exhibit at a police and security event in early 2017 so they must be still in business . will this ever come back to a listing. If gos systems was bought by touchstone gold shareholders then surely they still have a legal share of gos systems if it hasn't gone bust... They say it still is going on..

whitelabel 01 Aug 2016

Re: TGL removed from ISA Many thanks for the post Hedgehog100.

Hedgehog100 29 Jul 2016

Re: TGL removed from ISA Whitelabel,TGL's assets (principally the subsidiary company GOS Systems) are being or have already been transferred to Intelicrypt Tactical Solutions, and you should soon receive an ITS share certificate to replace your TGL one.After that TGL itself will be dissolved.GOS Systems is already a very valuable asset, and ITS itself should be a very strong performer when it returns to the stockmarket.Please see today's post on LSE by SonsofGwalia: SonsofGwalia Posts: 2 Off Topic Opinion: Strong Buy Price: 0.00CommunicationToday 14:29"Received share certificates from Canada. Emailed the company on the 23rd July asking for shareholder updates . No reply so phoned Trevor Wells on 0203 301 9331 . We will be getting our new share certificates soon in Intelicrypt Tactical Solutions Ltd . He sounded positive and up beat about the companies future . They want to build GOS into something very substantial with critical mass before coming back to the market. Talked about GOS IMSI boxes technology. They have to be careful of competitors in the market place so could not say much more. After speaking to him I wish I could buy more"[link]

whitelabel 25 Jul 2016

TGL removed from ISA and share certificate received through the post from Computershare in Canada for the shares I had in the company.Anyone else had similar recently?Does TGL still even exist and is this worth the paper it's printed on??

Hedgehog100 23 Jul 2016

Re: TGL: Potential Judges Scientific, 25-Bag... JDG started out in 2003 as a £2M. AIM shell, similar to TGL in 2014.And the directors of JDG had a lot of their own money invested into JDG, as do Ilyas Khan & co. into TGL, making them at once very incentivised and very careful.In addition, TGL's first acquisition, GOS Systems, certainly embodies some desirable acquisition traits: a niche business, exporting, that owns the intellectual property, as well as providing essential services with recurring revenues.

Hedgehog100 23 Jul 2016

TGL: Potential Judges Scientific, 25-Bagger Former shell JDG, a 25-bagger, is a good lesson in what can be some desirable RTO traits: e.g. a niche business, exporting, that owns the intellectual property:"Judges Scientific: the precision instrument maker that came about by chanceDavid Cicurel explains how he built a £100m scientific instrument group after stumbling across a sector boasting 2,000 UK companiesAlistair Osborne, Business Editor60AM GMT 17 Dec 2013… He began examining different types of deals and, among the dozens that came his way, he found one particularly “puzzling. It had £3m turnover and £750,000 operating profit, with 19 staff. It looked too good to be true.” It was FTT.He met the owners, “an engineer and a scientist, who were both looking to retire. They explained they had a dominating position in a tiny world niche and that the drivers of the business were regulation and globalisation.“I thought that’s a really good business to have if you have little money, you can still be powerful,” he says. “It’s better to be in a little principality and you’re the prince than competing with big empires when you don’t have the wherewithal to do that.”Cicurel, who owns 15.6pc of Judges, wondered if FTT was a “unique thing”. So he did his “homework and found there are 2,000 companies in that sector, just in the UK”. Not only that. They export almost four-fifths of what they make.… Judges’ strategy, he says simply, is “to find good companies, very nichy, and pay down the debt. We probably see about 50 deals a year and engage seriously with three to five. They are not family businesses. I think people start them at 40 and sell them at 60. We’re normally buying because the people are getting old and want to retire.”He always looks for certain things: a manufacturer that “owns the intellectual property”, that sells instruments scientists buy and that has good profit margins and strong exports. “If you are not exporting a lot, you are not meaningful in a world niche,” he says.Judges’ main rivals are far bigger companies - Spectris, valued at £2.7bn, Halma (£2.1bn) and Oxford Instruments (£925m). But Cicurel ensures he has enough cash on the balance sheet to move fast on a deal, topping up the funds in October via an £8.1m placing, following the Scientifica deal.He points out too that his big three rivals have also “done very well. I shouldn’t say this but in our sector it’s not terribly difficult to do well – though it is easy to do badly. There’s a lot of rubbish out there, you have to be really selective.”Smiling he adds: “It’s more like mining diamonds than extracting oil.” "[link]

Hedgehog100 09 Jul 2016

Weak £ + Special Relationship Weak Sterling post the Brexit vote, and Britain's 'special relationship' with the US, especially in security matters: these are two big things that could help GOS's sales push into the US."ALEX BRUMMER: Rolls-Royce lifts Brexit despair as falling pound could add £40m to aero-engine manufacturer’s profits"ALEX BRUMMER FOR THE DAILY MAILPUBLISHED: 22:48, 28 June 2016 | UPDATED: 22:48, 28 June 2016[link] profitExporters and international businesses early winners from Brexit"07 July 2016[link] Rubio urges American senate to secure 'special relationship' with BritainRuth Sherlock, WASHINGTON 7 JULY 2016 • 8:29PMMarco Rubio, a former Republican presidential candidate, yesterday urged the US to secure the “special relationship” with Britain in a formal appeal to Congress.The draft resolution, shown to The Daily Telegraph, calls on President Barack Obama to show greater resolve in furthering America’s trade and defence ties with Britain in a post-Brexit era. …"[link]

Hedgehog100 07 May 2016

Re: de listed RC,GOS Systems in very much in business, and indeed attended a trade exhibition in March:"Security & Policing 2016We will be at the Security & Policing event in Farnborough between the 8th -10th March, please come and see us at stand B33"[link] company certainly intends to return to a stockmarket (as Intelicrypt Tactical Solutions), and the intended timetable for a relisting is given in Touchstone Gold's January 2016 circular:" ... it is NewCo’s intention to seek a listing in the medium term, subject to, among other things, the development of the GOS Business and market conditions. ..."The AGM feedback kindly posted on ADVFN indicated that a 2017 relisting was most likely.

robbed cruiso 06 May 2016

de listed Will this company ever come back?is gos systems still in existence?if gos systems is still in existence then the company tg must be making money.

Hedgehog100 05 May 2016

Insider Surveillance article Some extracts from a November 2015 Insider Surveillance article on Touchstone Gold that until recently was available by subscription only: "GOS Systems: All That Glitters is not Touchstone Gold November 13, 2015… GOS Systems certainly held all the right credentials: an established knowledge base in lawful intercept and government surveillance technologies; a product line for intercepting wireline, wireless and IP traffic and determining target location via mobile interception; the promise of exciting new products; a history of serving police and intelligence agency clients; and, finally, revenue generated therefrom. Unfortunately the balance sheet was not as positive. Little known to most (but certainly to Touchstone), GOS Systems — under the previous name of “Golden Orb Systems” — had accumulated substantial debt in preparation for a planned 2012 IPO that that never materialized. [Damn — there’s that word “gold,” again.] As a result, the UK Court of High Justice on October 31, 2014 appointed Administrators to distribute the company’s assets under the Insolvency Act of 1986. In a word, Golden Orb Systems or GOS Systems was bankrupt, and with its well-funded Board lined up, Touchstone Gold was in a good position to scoop up the surveillance company’s assets for a fraction of their market value, or if you prefer, to “rescue” the company. …In the first half of 2015, GOS Systems made impressive progress, updating its DIAL suite and partnering with a wireless company to create an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) as network infrastructure for a secure mobile service ideal for government agency and military clients. …"[link]

Hedgehog100 27 Feb 2016

Re: shareholder meeting Ray,Ray on ADVFN (not sure if its you) attended the meeting this week (25th. February), and has posted some very useful feedback. Many thanks Ray for that.There is always plenty of opportunity for informal questions and discussion at these meetings, in addition to the formal voting.Things for GOS systems look very positive going forward, though the company may wait until 2017 before relisting.I'm perfectly happy with that if it avoids premature dilution at a lower than necessary price.

Ray_the_Bold 17 Feb 2016

Re: shareholder meeting I might go. What is the agenda though, just a vote or will they be discussing other things with regards to GOS, IE Progress made, Re-listing timetable, etc?

Blue Victor 15 Feb 2016

shareholder meeting is anybody on the PI side of things going to this?