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Silveroil 00:48

Re: The next US Shale? BHP maybe have too much going on at the moment, the biggest win-win has to be a deal with ICL surely? Must be huge practical and financial benefits to both mines of such a transaction, could it ever happen?

gaia's kidney 21 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? Aha.Soooooooooooo Ahab - he asks with zero expectation - did ya like that then? You puttin' more than your tightwad 1% into dis den from that? Nah? OK, breath not bein' held.Hmmm...How close now is BHP moving towards the fabled 'munter' territory, eh? Ditch it.....before they make you weep even more.......Then again it dunna look too bad over last 12m, dooos it.Life has so many decisions! Have a good weekend.GK.

gaia's kidney 21 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? AISI the growing irritation of BHP shareholders over Jansen can only be a win-win for Sirius for the reason that polyhalite is not MOP, but is a 'K' fert of higher value*.Analysts have said that Jansen will not be a profitable concern without MOP being on av above $400/t - and for an extended time. Their shareholders are sorely aware of this after ~$3bn has already pumped in.Will they let the rest of the build go ahead? Less likely by the day it seems with MOP prices at today's $220 odd. So no Jansen? Less 'K' competition for Sirius. So a win for Sirius's Poly4 then.If however ahead MOP does go up above the analysts' estimates - and so Jansen is then built - that, in all likelihood, will just be part of potash demand in general going up, the price of Poly4 then? The other win for Sirius.It comes down to Woodsmith remaining viable at far lower comparative prices than Jansen can ever hope to be. Perhaps that's why holders of Sirius are keen on the build, whereas BHP holders.....?*Sufficient market acceptance of that is however a risk....there are a few others...but independent of the fortunes of Jansen.GK.

Boring Bernie 21 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? BoroBoyRe "quality" ... absolutely, but the chances are, that if the price of std potash falls then so will the price for polyhalite. Conversely, if the price of std. potash rises, the price of polyhalite will do the same too.If you take the ranges for margin/tonne quoted in the doc at [link] you'll see the company are quoting margins of 70 to 170 USD/tonneIn the same document the company are quoting operating costs for different scenarios, with 30 USD/tonne sitting somewhere in the middle (Plainly there'll be other costs as well ).They also remind us what the initial offtake agreements are priced at ( ~145USD/tonne ).I'm ignoring Shuggie's "opinion" as being pretty much worthless, but all Games has done is pointed out that there are different opinions out there. I tend not to agree with those opinions, but, if the price of potash dropped substantially below it's current market rate, then I'd likely be having a rethink and would likely be reducing my exposure here.Conversely, if the price of potash started to rise substantially, then I'd be having a very different rethink and would likely be adding to my holding.For now though, apart from talking guff on t'internet, I'll be doing noth

Campagna 21 Jul 2017

Re: Investor material Start from here.[link] send him here...all presentations Digital library etc.[link] tick-tock.

THEPUMA 21 Jul 2017

Investor material Hi, after some help please.I have been extolling the virtues of SXX to a friend who has now asked me to send him some investment material for him to read to enable him to make a decision whether to invest or not.I recall there was some sort of document issued by Sirius which gave, amongst other things, the company's projection of what the DCF value of the company could be at certain stages. Does anyone know what I'm on about and, if so, could you be so helpful as to post a link?If you can think of anything else which you think provides evidence of a compelling investment case, please feel free to post this as well.Many thanksPUMA

feoffor 21 Jul 2017

BHP Billiton bid for SXX? Instead of BHP investing up to $14bn in an additional potash mine in Canada, shouldn't it take a look at SXX?

Boroboy26 21 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? Surely, it is about the quality of the product too? The better the quality the more it will be sought after, the more it is sought after will influence the pricing of the product.

Boring Bernie 20 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? GamesThere's always a chance that the price of potash, and therefore Polyhalit,e could be depessed by overproduction, but the company's put forward numbers which assume a range of margins and volumes, and the lowest numbers they mentioned included a margin of 70USD/tonne ( equiv to 70% ) at 10Mtpa, so, at this point in time, I ain't too concerned about it.Currently Potash is going for ~200USD/t. If that started dropping significantly, or was anticipated to do so, then the situation would be different though.

HenrySinclair 20 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? Hello shuggleI guess thats the last post we will have from you then...No point in you buying in again...why would you..You should be embarrassed.

scouse max 20 Jul 2017

Sirius foundation/community projects Do you know anyone looking for or interested in funding for local community projects?Sirius Minerals Foundation are accepting local applications until 31st July. More info here:- [link]

shugg1e 20 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? o dear that does not read well for Sirius and their plansim amazed this is holding up so well with that kind of press

onewayticket 20 Jul 2017

O/T: UKOG - RNS just out I post this here as some dual hold and others have made tidy sums of this one previously highlighted.Looks like further good news in an RNS.Own due diligence.

millwallfan 20 Jul 2017

Re: The next US Shale? BHP can have my shares now for £1 - I'm getting too old to wait for the mega returns from price and divis in 5 years ! Lol

gamesinvestor 19 Jul 2017

The next US Shale? [link]