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fundfemale 25 May 2018

Millennials market [link]

fundfemale 16 May 2018

HK Investor HK Property investor now holding 23.75%.Company building scale.[link]

Brown Bull 11 Aug 2016

2 day rise - 14% now Does somebody know something we don't?

wtakesall 15 Jul 2016

Huge spread This totally unjustified spread just reminds why I tend to keep away from AIM. You start off with a huge loss every time you buy something.

wtakesall 05 Jul 2016

Re: Brexit... Not many companies will benefit from Brext but this one should. The reduced value of the pound should attract a lot more visitors and I am looking to buy in but drat the price keeps going up.

TJHadder 05 Jul 2016

Brexit... Anybody have any information on how Brexit might affect this company? I've been reading that British based companies will suffer the most, plus SSTY were planning to expand into Europe. Surely that is going to be more costly now? No ramping please... just good honest opinions would be appreciated.

Brown Bull 18 Aug 2015

Re: Caution required If you can buy today at 59p, why would you want to subscribe to the placement or Open Offer? Surely it is very bad news for the fund-raising?

imperator2008 18 Aug 2015

Re: Caution required Dodged this bullet. Down from 70p to 56p since my last posting. Think I'll wait and see how Holland Park does before putting any more money in here. Slightly less optimistic about that one than before.

imperator2008 17 Jun 2015

Caution required I'm out for now with a not too shabby 15% profit. They have inferred twice now that expansion is on the way in 2015 and with the RNS today indicating a name change from to com I feel a deal or multiple deals will soon be announced. Normally a good thing but looking at the accounts, it's clear SSTY don't have the cash to finance these, and I don't think they'll go the debt route as the last placing was partly done to reduce debt, and so I think it's 99% certain some pretty heavy dilution could be coming shareholders way. If it's just one property they're buying, the dilution could 'only' be about ten per cent but I think the new CEO is keen to roll out the brand as much as possible and thus I would guess a few different properties are being looked at. Placing could be huge and priced substantially below these levels IMO. I like the business model (although it's nothing new) and believe the company is well run and tapping into a lucrative market.I'm not sure if Holland Park will be a winner or not. The location is good but the leasing price will be very high and the pound is strong right now, meaning less tourists to the capital. I've noticed the opening at Holland Park has slipped from early summer to August. Anyone know why? Maybe renovation took longer? The RNS says that they will "have circa 1000 beds once refurbishments are complete" - er, aren't they finished yet or is this old text? I'm going to wait and re-appraise the situation. Right now it's a risky hold due to the high probability of a placing to fund the expansion plans which isn't something anyone seems to be talking about? Not least the share mags who have been tipping this share??GLA

Ramptastic 12 Jun 2015

Re: Holland Park opening for business in Au... I invested after reading the Trip adviser review.The management clearly know what they are doing and with a proposed roll-out across Europe this is an exciting asset-backed investment.I also like the fact that this is a simple business - not too much to go wrong.Jim

smilingmickey1 12 Jun 2015

Holland Park opening for business in August. From the web site.[link]

imperator2008 02 Jun 2015

AGM Was anyone present today who can report back?

fundfemale 30 Dec 2014

Progressing I have re-assessed the value potential here since the recent Holland Park acquisition and £3.3 million share placing.The current SP is up around 33% since the IPO at 50p (from EY stats out of 92 IPOS in 2014 – only 16 are trading at 30% over IPO price so we are certainly one of the best performers in this space). The market cap has increased by around 50%.Total shares in issue prior to December placing) 13,217,246New shares issued as result of placing 22 December 2014 6,027,272Total shares in issue 19,244,519Market cap 13217246 x 0.61 (previous) 8,062,520 GBPMarket cap 19,244,519 x 0.65 12,508,936.70 GBPProperty valuation of Elephant and Castle 12,300,000 GBPProperty valuation of York 2,600,000 GBPI am very impressed by the Holland Park acquisition.I know that SSTY state that they wish to be ambitious in acquiring new hostels, – but I would prefer to see location over quantity. I believe it’s a good growth strategy to mix the owned properties with the leasehold ones at this stage too.I see the Holland Park (380 beds) aquisition as being very complimentary to the Elephant and Castle property (413 beds), especially as E and C gains momentum with its reputation and Safestay with its brand development.I note from the information available on the previous hostel the ex. YHA building at Holland Park House, is a very attractive grade 1 listed Jacobean building with gardens. It’s a five minute walk from Kensington High Street, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Palace and the main museums. It’s also easily accessible from Paddington via circle line for overseas visitors.I have made an annual cash generation estimate based on the fixed costs at E and C.Annual operating value (potential) of Holland Park 380 beds x 365 days x 80% occupancy x £25 per bed = £2,774,000 turnover x 35% = £ 970,900 per annum potential cash from operations when fully operational (I broadly approximate 35% net based on current Elephant and Castle EBITA and estimated leasehold vs debt costs).The above annual cash generation I see for Holland Park within 2 years.Clearly with largely fixed costs – all occupancy and price increases fall directly to the bottom line, so the potential could easily improve significantly (this applies to all properties so any small price increases have larger impact on profitability).I am very encouraged by the rapid progress made since IPO and see increasing catalysts for accelerated growth.