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Hardboy 13 Apr 2018

Sentiment The trading statement certainly seems to have helped market sentiment a bit.What's needed now is some of the huge project pipeline to move into orders. Onward & Upward

Hardboy 11 Apr 2018

Full Year I'm pleasantly surprised by this morning's update.Unless something has come through in the last few weeks with significant payments I don't think there is a lot of project income this year, and the turnover (I believe) at £13.5m is their best ever. The interims only reported sales of 2.9m, so they must have had a stocking H2. If I'm right and this year is largely down to the "business as usual" rather than significant project income, to have increased sales so much; AND to be profitable is a significant achievement.

Hardboy 23 Mar 2018

Trade Wars Whenever there is negative sentiment surrounding markets I try to think of what businesses will benefit from the cause of negativity. When the hurricanes were about to batter the Caribbean & Florida last year I decided temporary power suppliers would benefit; so I tried a short term trade on Aggreko, which worked out well, though I'm glad I didn't hold them any longer. I'm trying to think who will benefit from trade wars; and it's not easy to come up with anything. However, introduction of tariffs on anything could lead to more smuggling. More smuggling could lead to Governments doing more to police all shipping entering their waters, which could be good for SRT.

axel27 21 Mar 2018

Re: Does someone know something ... Perhaps some tree shaking to pick up disgruntled shareholders shares cheap?Market cap is still high compared to present performance in my view.Watching.A, hoping

Clitheroekid 20 Mar 2018

Does someone know something ... ... that we poor mugs don't? Is it too cynical to wonder whether a 13% drop on high volumes would suggest that there's a bit of inside knowledge floating around?No doubt we'll all find out quite soon.

Clitheroekid 08 Mar 2018

Re: High volume It looks like the jump in volume was due to the purchase by Mr and Mrs Lang notified in the RNS. It would seem that they bought over 1,000,000 shares, as their holding went up from 4% of the company to 5.5%.So what? Well his background makes for interesting reading. With acknowledgment to Bloomberg:Mr. Ian Michael Laing founded Milton Park Ltd in 1984 and serves as its Chairman. Having started his career in commercial property, Mr. Laing has been an active investor in life science and technology businesses for 25 years. He serves as Chairman of SQL and MEPC Milton Park Limited. He served as Chairman at Oxagen Limited and Bamboo Investments (Isle of Man) PLC. He was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governors of the London Business School. He serves as Non-Executive Director of several private companies including Aegate Limited, SQW Group Limited and Immunocore Limited. Mr. Laing serves as Director of Oxford Semiconductor, Inc. He serves as Trustee of the Nuffield Medical Trust. He serves as a Governor of London Business School and of the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2006, he joined the Board of Stanhope. He served as an Independent Non-Executive Director of Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc from December 2008 to December 31, 2016. He served as Non Executive Director at Sussex Place Ventures. He served as Director at Oxford Asymmetry International Plc from 1992 to 2000. He served as Director at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. He served as Director at, Oxagen Limited, Bamboo Investments (Isle of Man) PLC, Oxford Semiconductor Limited and Phosphonics Limited. He served as Non-Executive Director of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust for five years. He is an Honorary Fellow of Green Templeton College and St. Edmund Hall in the University of Oxford. He received a M.Sc. from London Business School in 1971. Mr. Laing holds a BA degree from the University of Oxford and an MBA from London Business School.If someone with that background is willing to shell out a couple of hundred thousand quid to increase his investment at least I feel I'm in good company!

Clitheroekid 05 Mar 2018

High volume After a depressing few months, when I've been seriously wondering whether to finally abandon these `long on promises short on results' shares. it's mildly encouraging to see over 2m shares change hands and a slight upward tick in the SP. Do the broad sunlit uplands beckon? Or is it just a dead cat bounce!

Hardboy 09 Feb 2018

Re: Webcast Many thanks Bill,I did actually get on the site & watch it; and it's mildly reassuring - dominant position in market, lots of new products and developments coming through to keep them there. Still a huge potential market (I picked up on <1% of leisure vessels have AIS) and potential projects in the pipeline. I guess it will be the award of major projects which will really kick start the share price, but the day to day income is gradually picking up. I wonder if they are involved with Rolls Royce on this driverless ship they are developing.

BurglarBill 09 Feb 2018

Re: Webcast Confident presentation from Simon, upgrades to OEM products & more dealers coming on stream, regular upgrades to GeoVS (but no info as to its take up by the market), SRT are investing in marketing, Aton and buoy monitoring products are being trialled with lots of interest from potential customers, satellite data project is in design stage, they've appointed a project manager & are talking with satellite providers & they expect to start selling data from their own satellites in approx 1 years time, two of the large maritime domain projects are (still) close to sign off, with a further ten in various stages of development. Simon's happy with how things are developing. Cheers BB

Hardboy 06 Feb 2018

Webcast Very frustrated! Tuned into watch the webcast, but the webpage kept freezing, so I was only getting half the words. Not sure where the problem was, there was nearly a pc shaped hole in my window!If anyone watched and could share their conclusions I'd be very grateful.

gerihatric 05 Jan 2018

simon tucker interviews his consistent message was that they are very busy and moving towards targets and hence payments for achieving them. With the SP fall the question is whether you believe what he has to say or not. I believe so time will tell if my judgement is correct or not.

Hardboy 30 Nov 2017

Re: Wrong price displayed CK,Not sure if you have an account with iii, but if you do, check your messages. iii posted something recently to say all their AIM figures are likely to be incorrect - something to do with how the figures are sourced. They are working on it, but for the time being you'll have to check other sites for AIM member prices.

Clitheroekid 29 Nov 2017

Wrong price displayed Is it just me or are other users seeing an inaccurate price displayed? For the past 2 or 3 days it's been showing a rise of around 6% but the actual price on a test sale remains resolutely the same.The actual figures now showing on my screen are;37.00 41.00 39.00 38.50 40.90 +2.40 (+6.23%)

Hardboy 24 Nov 2017

Re: Simon Tucker interview I guess this interview is what has helped the share price over the last couple of days.

Clitheroekid 23 Nov 2017

Simon Tucker interview A good interview here with Paul Scott of Stockopedia. Simon comes across very well and answers Paul's questions convincingly and without the obfuscation that so many CEO's use these days. It's quite a long interview at nearly half an hour, but well worth a listen - [link]