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ripley94 04 Sep 2018

CORO This appears to be the renamed Saffron surprised i can not see any former message on this site.

msfocus 24 Apr 2018

Trading When is it expected that this share will recommence trading ?

theprior 12 Apr 2018

Re: CORO Page is up Perhaps because it’s now a completely different company. Sron is gone !Hopefully #CORO will have more success. Looking forward to the next announcement about acreage in Indonesia. ))TP

Ripley94 11 Apr 2018

Re: CORO Page is up Anyone know why they don't just change name on this bb. ?

theprior 10 Apr 2018

CORO Page is up So, when you’re ready folks, let’s meet up over there. Luck allTP

Cruncher1 09 Apr 2018

Re: SOU divestment complet Its on the site showing bid 4.2 and offer 4.4

Ripley94 09 Apr 2018

Re: SOU divestment complet Might explain why i can not see/ get up ........ sron on digital look.

theprior 09 Apr 2018

Re: SOU divestment complet ii still building CORO webpage. Trading commenced today. Google Finance still not responding appropriately to CORO search..... watch this space!TP

theprior 09 Apr 2018

SOU divestment complet Assets transferred to SRON/COROplan coming together TP

theprior 29 Mar 2018

Ops update, Italy and finals Mixed results from operations in Italy but the cash flow from its own and SOU’s operations will keep the light steady on. Final results are less relevant to where SRON are now and next year.With a reinforced board and exciting prospects in Asia, SRON is preparing for take off!TP

theprior 26 Mar 2018

Re: Open offer Don’t bother with anything he says. It’s all rubbish. Best stick to facts )TP

Ripley94 24 Mar 2018

Re: Open offer Winnifrith blogged yesterday that this share is suspended ???Does not look like it to me just seen trade history .Slags it with a broker note from Zac Phillpis .. SP Angel.

Ripley94 15 Mar 2018

Re: Open offer Bought some this morning @ 4.15pIs the offer at 4.38p still on ?

theprior 12 Mar 2018

Re: Ilyam Habibi and Indonesia The Indonesian connection is good news but I think the shine has dulled somewhat by PVE being sidelined. Still, the SOU assets should pay the bills till the Asian campaign gets underway.Still promising. TP

Ewan Hoosami 21 Feb 2018

Re: Or buy Saffron shares and wait for the name to change?