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Flashboy 06 Jun 2018

Great move Don’t like the company but shares going v well now!

Katonga 27 Apr 2018

Rise over last week or so Welcome rise as mentioned above.Anyone any inkling why?

II Editor 06 Feb 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Stockwatch: Post-IPO plunge offers scope for recovery "Has £150 million AIM-listed LED lighting, wiring and portable power equipment group LSE:LUCE:Luceco just had its eye briefly off the ball? Or does a two-thirds slump in its market value – with a profit warning only three weeks after the chief ..."[link]

Katonga 22 Jan 2018

Re: Effect of Debenhams Trading Statement To B buy Debenhams outright would in my opinion be be a bad move when one looks at the fact that the vast majority of their outlets. if not all, are leasehold and no doubt at highish rentals

claude reins 04 Jan 2018

Effect of Debenhams Trading Statement Could be good or bad for SPD. If they want to extend their substantial shareholding and make a major takeover and develop DEB to include SPD franchises, then the price they would have to pay could be lowered by the way DEB is going.On the other hand, the value of their current shareholding has clearly fallen sharply, and that could adversely affect SPD's SP in the near term.

gamesinvestor 16 Dec 2017

Delivery Charges SPD's internet business -- is this growing as a % of it's overall business, as I noted that there is £5 charge for click and collect from the store?Lots of competitors don't charge for this.I saw this a long time ago though and it may have changed. It was due to this, that I never revisited the site, since the charge was punitive on some smaller value items.Perhaps others feel the same way.Games

Hugh from H Q 14 Dec 2017

Re: sell for now No div is the weight on keeping or giving up for now.

Radaking 14 Dec 2017

sell for now Chart look`s yuk,interim report isn`t up to much..........JEFFERIES CUTS SPORTS DIRECT TO 'UNDERPERFORM' ('HOLD') - TARGET 290 (265) PENCEthey may be right,I am out for now,be tempted to come back in at around JEFFERIES price.Problem with SPD is theres no div,so next thing to look forward to is the prelims in July.

Radaking 29 Nov 2017

Re: OCDO Out here in thailanxx more salaz shirts then nike an addiaskrout Buy!

lastminute-world 29 Nov 2017

OCDO [link]

lastminute-world 29 Oct 2017

Sports direct' target='window'>[link] Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct buys stake in DebenhamsShorts in SPD Please do you own research..

Radaking 23 Oct 2017

Re: Away the lads Mr Ashley I can see striving for a lot more than 300 Million.Rumour is he will settle for 400 Million,maybe we will get a special div out of it...........nah

takenoprisoners 19 Oct 2017

Re: Away the lads Its seems more than a rumour now that Amanda Stavely is interested. I wonder who though she will be the front person for?Mr Ashley I can see striving for a lot more than 300 Million.It has reinvigorated the share price though.Imvho and please dyor.

Radaking 17 Oct 2017

Away the lads If Mr Ashley cleans up on the sale of Newcastle Utd,then things could become become really interesting for the sp.He has had non stop grief off the fans from the club and the BBC Lefty brigade over SPD.He may even take the stock private and then get a real break from all the people that have tried to stick it to him.I wonder what a buyout price would look like?

Radaking 19 Sep 2017

Re: Things seem to mirror Newcastle FC Away the lads at brighton next game Sunday.Be good if they made the Champs league,but doubt it.Mid table finish and to win a cup for the long suffering fans would be nice.Best outcome some wealthy folks come in and buy them,that would give super Mike lots of cash to play with.It is willing to sell,but not give them away ..................

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