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malkis 19 Oct 2017

Re: Hey, Malkis ref..Is that you with the same handle on Twitter ? DEF NOT TP I'm A TWIT for certain BUT DEF NOT ON TWITTER!!! Please tell him her or it my handle Malkis is mine alone and he may be breaching copyright rules !!!! WARM REGARDS TO ALL ( EVEN MALKIS ) MALKIS

Scoop Muck and Dizzy 19 Oct 2017

Many thanks Cruncher Many thanks Cruncher, great summary for those of us that couldn't join.

theprior 19 Oct 2017

Hey, Malkis Is that you with the same handle on Twitter ?TP

theprior 18 Oct 2017

Re: Q4 presentation Thanks DB, for the response on my specific Q to jam. Clarifies the position.Clearly jam and source don’t mix, or maybe he’s not checked in this afternoon )TP And Cruncher, tthanks for the comprehensive summary of where James is at just now.All good info, very useful.TP

moneyman59 18 Oct 2017

£5 per share Egg n Bacon I would say yes £5 per share is min - Drills in 2018 should add to current finds in Tendrara, giving a total of 3-5 Tcf @80-100p per Tcf. Then the unknown is how much a Tcf CPR’d from seismics is worth. 20p, 30p? So if we prove up 10-15Tcf them do the math, another £2-5 to add to SP.Then of course we have Sidi to add on, and who knows - hence my thoughts that £5 per share is rock bottom and if seismics come in at top end of company’s 9-31Tcf range, we’ll all do very well.MM

Cruncher1 18 Oct 2017

Re: Q4 presentation On Sound's web chat yesterday JP/BM said they will finalise the first well's decision "in November, or December latest." Plan is to start drilling early 2018, but exact date tbc as want to incorporate any new info. They expect the first well to be lower risk than the other 2 provisionally announced. Other things of note:The 3 wells will be vertical & exploratory (if sucessful they'll test) and are aimed at 3 different play types.Aerial gradiometry expected to be completed at end of this month.Investor visit to Morocco in Q1 (date tbc).12 inch pipeline (to GME) would cost $60m. 20 inch would be $100m.Shell are still "very interested" in their acreage which surrounds SOU's eastern Morocco acreage.Coro share allocation perhaps by the end of this year.In discussions with multiple parties on debt finance (to pay for pipeline to GME and facilities close to wellhead). Hope to finance with traditional Reserve Based Lending).CPR next month giving external certification of TE-5, 6 & 7 volumes.Should get 3 CPR's on seismic results (first one end Q1 2018).Indicative terms on gas sales agreement expected by end of 2017 and contract early 2018.Will give guidance on value of existing find at end of year when have clarity on gas price.Seismic programme investor update Q1.$40m in bank & $5m to come from Italy (Badile land & VAT). Pressure data from TE-5 horst suggests pressure communication with TE-8 (but not between TE-6 and TE-7).FID will relate to existing 0.63tcf discovery. When discover hydrocarbons 3D seismic essential to better define full appraisal and development programme. If 3 well programme successful drill programme could be expanded "but aim is to divest the company on success".SDX Morocco acreage not geologically linked to our acreage.They are NOT planning on buying new assets: vendors either welcome us for free or are provided a carry.Intriguingly JP wouldn't comment when asked about a Sidi farm-out "difficult to comment on deals which haven't been announced." Also, when asked about Sidi EWT, JP said he was waiting for another piece of the jigsaw to fall into place before announcing EWT results: "Worth waiting for."Close to extending Sidi licence and doesn't expect any issues.Cost of 2D seismic is $4k to $12k per line km.3D seismic costs $20k to $50k per sq km.JP believes still very early stage for Tendrara and SOU's eastern Morocco acreage and "if we are right this could be very large indeed."

Davey Baby 18 Oct 2017

Re: Q4 presentation TP - from Neptunes post on LSE yesterday, from the "fireside chat" phone in:-"Good afternoon James. Could you please explain the three drill programme in Q1 of 2018? Are the drills planned to commence in Q1, or complete in Q1?"James :- Good afternoon. The plan is to commence drilling three back to back wells starting early 2018. Exact date to be defined. They are approx 60 days per well.

theprior 18 Oct 2017

Re: Q4 presentation The missing link ?? Have I missed something ? So far as I can see C11 started post ..”maybe...”Do you have other source, jam ?TP

Eggbaconandbubble 18 Oct 2017

Re: It doesn’t matter Is it realistically conceivable that the company could be sold at an sp of £5 per share???That's ten fold up from where we are now!

moneyman59 18 Oct 2017

It doesn’t matter Exactly when three drills take place, so long as they’re done, successful and CPR’d to coincide with CPR from all 2D seismics, Q4 2018 ideally.Then hopefully we can put the for sale board up with 3-5Tcf proven by drill and another 15+Tcf by seismics, for at least £10 per share. Not greedy mind, so would be happy with £5+.Just hope James remembers some people have been in this since Gerry was poking about in Citarum with a portable drill, some have died waiting and others will die in next 12 months. Let’s not leave it too long eh?GLAMM

justaminute 17 Oct 2017

Re: Q4 presentation So, as expected, the plan is to COMMENCE the back to back drilling in Q1. Each well will take 60 days to drill. Exact dates to be confirmed.

theprior 17 Oct 2017

Re: When are we there??? Interestingly a SRON RNS earlier demonstrates that they are not hanging about. They are progressing their existing licences. Coro looking good if it comes off.TP

moneyman59 17 Oct 2017

When will 2D seismically begin And when is CPR from first batch likely?Can’t make the call so hope either James will say, or someone will ask.MM

Investor_Tester 16 Oct 2017

Re: When are we there??? Cheers DronaigHere's hoping for some nice developments in next few months and some freebies shares in Cora Energy soonGLA IT

dronaig 16 Oct 2017

When are we there??? According to twitter.....Sound Energy confirms 80% of aerial gradiometry now complete at Tendrara, Eastern Morocco.