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theprior 14 Jun 2019

Share Price Clearly confidence in the trio is at rock bottom. I blame lack of progress on all fronts, coupled with a couple of disappointing results. People have become disillusioned and departed, causing a long decline on all fronts. You could say it’s agood time to buy all three A’s things can only get better but, beware, lots of graveyard dogs went like this in the past on failed potential. If you think 10p is low, how does 1p sound sound?? It could happen if no suitor is found! On the other hand I think Echo and Coro have a good future if they get things moving. Good luck TP

wizard47 13 Jun 2019

Share Price Erm,wasn’t this share being touted by Parsons to reach 10 pounds,or did I misunderstand and he actually said 10p? He seems to have gone quiet and another of his babies Echo Energy is dropping rapidly. Is the golden boy losing his touch?

Ripley94 08 Jun 2019

Bad news tomorrow? SOU… XXXXX Should of took it

Ripley94 04 Jun 2019

Bad news tomorrow? SOU… XXXXX Even lower today .

theprior 29 May 2019

Update Interesting that today, Brian Mitchener has bagged £18ks worth of shares ( his first purchase despite his length of time on the board) not a huge amount, but who knows his financial circumstances? Second director buy in the few days since the announcement about the asset sale. Any more takers? TP

nest_of_rampers 22 May 2019

Update I sold my SOU at 60p , was wondering if I should get some now for a hopefully quick turn around

Ripley94 22 May 2019

Bad news tomorrow? SOU… XXXXX Big faller 40% yesterday bounced back 10% today . To busy looking @ the wsbn bigger fall to take note yesterday , that fell another 30% .

theprior 22 May 2019

Update Some have suggested 30/40p, a long way from the £10 previously hawked around! And, are they just selling Tendrara and not the whole company? Another change not previously signalled. Sentiment seems to have hit rock bottom here ️:frowning:️ TP

nest_of_rampers 22 May 2019

Update So East Morocco is up for sale , any guess on what it’s worth?

theprior 21 May 2019

Update So, bad news about the stimulated test but way oversold as a result. Top up time me thinks! TP

theprior 08 May 2019

Update RNS today updating the current testing of te-10. Unusual to see such regular updates of each stage of the programme but I guess that’s the way SOU communicate. Better than most ! TP

theprior 01 May 2019

GSA inches closer With non binding offer on basis for calculation of revenue. Hopefully this will lead to firm agreement soon. TP

ps200306 03 Apr 2019

Bad news tomorrow? I was less patient and topped up at 20p. I guess a couple of percent makes no difference if Sound does the business, and won’t help if it doesn’t. That’s definitely my last top up … I’m way over my head already. From now on, I’m just watching for RNS’s.

Ripley94 03 Apr 2019

Bad news tomorrow? SOU… XXXX Topped up @ 19.5p

Ripley94 29 Mar 2019

Bad news tomorrow? SOU… XXXX Dropped back to month low today of 22p .