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rpg7 24 Nov 2017

Re: $5m loan facility Busy time of the year for the bod,having to organise the xmas party all on their own.

jimonegbr 19 Nov 2017

Re: Banging the drum for helium Given the catalogue of silly errors/accidents it smacks of Fred Karno, but underneath the principle has a long way to go a few more successful flights should help.

Assynt 18 Nov 2017

Re: Banging the drum for helium Not sure that it will or for that matter should impact on Helium One but noted that Airlander had an incident with their hybrid craft today.[link] this is only a fairly limited & only a potential new use for helium, I would hope the MM's don't over react!GLAA

theprior 18 Nov 2017

Re: Banging the drum for helium Thanks, UTG. Glad someone else sees the value here. Let’s hope things turn around here and SOLO gets the recognition they deserve.TP

UthredTheGrey 15 Nov 2017

Banging the drum for helium I hope a mini roundup of helium/Helium One news might cheer us up. The silver lining to the markets' current opinion is of course that it's a great time to buy. We needed cash to meet our commitments. A placing, thankfully was out of the question so a loan is the way to go. I think the market will recover. The shut in at Kiliwani is said to be temporary and flow rate has been well above what it was producing previously. I'm bullish but obv this is imo and dyor.raxair" target="blank" rel="nofollow">[link] Announces Helium Price IncreasesNovember 15, 2017 08:30 AM Eastern Standard TimeDANBURY, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Praxair, Inc. (NYSEX) is notifying bulk liquid helium customers worldwide of increases in helium prices of up to 10%, depending upon the region, effective January 1, 2018, or as contracts permit. Price adjustments may be higher or lower than this range in accordance with contract provisions.This adjustment is in response to continuing cost inflation impacting crude and refined helium, including the most recent U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced price increase, as well as higher distribution costs worldwide. Praxair continues to make investments and enhancements in capacity and the efficiency of its helium operations worldwide; this adjustment will further enable the company to continue to deliver high levels of supply reliability.From July[link] then Qatar has devised a different export route). Excerpt:The industry has been trying to make the helium supply more reliable. That could mean severing the link between helium and natural-gas extraction. Helium makes up a minuscule amount of natural gas. While Qatar’s natural gas doesn’t exactly have high concentrations of helium (0.05 percent), the country produces so much natural gas that its has accumulated helium byproduct for a tidy second business. The U.S., the world’s top helium producer ahead of Qatar, extracts helium from natural-gas fields around the Texas panhandle.Since helium is only a byproduct, it’s hard for other helium suppliers to step up when something like the Gulf crisis happens. Producing a little bit more helium requires producing a lot more natural gas—and energy companies aren’t going to do that for the sake of their secondary helium businesses.That’s why the helium industry has gotten excited about the recent discovery of a giant helium deposit in Tanzania. This discovery has nothing to do with natural gas. Instead, the gas trapped underground is as high as 10 percent helium, with nitrogen accounting for the rest. A company called Helium One has formed to tap the deposit. “Because we’re pure helium, we could potentially act as a buffer to the world’s helium supply,” says Thomas Abraham-James, CEO of Helium One. If a political crisis deepened in the Middle East or ExxonMobil temporarily shut down its U.S. helium plant for maintenance, he says, then Helium One could step in.Helium has been added to the list of critical materials (with an interesting chart):[link]

rpg7 15 Nov 2017

Re: $5m loan facility Thats Christmas sorted then.

theprior 14 Nov 2017

$5m loan facility Mainly to fund project liabilities in Tanz and UK.Best option available !TP

Assynt 18 Oct 2017

Planning Approval RNS "Solo is pleased to note the announcement by UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC that the Surrey County Council's Planning and Regulatory Committee granted planning permission to Horse Hill Developments Limited ("HHDL", the operator of Horse Hill licences PEDL 137 and PEDL 246, to enable HHDL to carry out extended flow tests at Horse Hill-1 ("HH-1", plus drill and test both a side-track from the existing HH-1 well and new borehole HH-2"GL AllA

ALAGUSAM 16 Oct 2017

Re: Ukog Good news May spill over because of HH

theprior 11 Oct 2017

Ukog woes May spill over due to our HH exposure.TP

hioyo 28 Sep 2017

Half Year Report Half Year Report out today

camperdown 22 Sep 2017

Re: This appear to be on a bullish patte... look at the SP,i think "bullshot" is the term required,imho

rpg7 22 Sep 2017

Re: This appear to be on a bullish patte... Hope to break even so i can get out,looks like not any time soon.

theprior 13 Sep 2017

Re: This appear to be on a bullish patte... [link] continues apace.TP

theprior 08 Sep 2017

Re: This appear to be on a bullish pattern Certainly enjoying a bit of a recovery lately. Hopefully will last a bit longer ))TP