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theprior 13 Sep 2017

Re: This appear to be on a bullish patte... [link] continues apace.TP

theprior 08 Sep 2017

Re: This appear to be on a bullish pattern Certainly enjoying a bit of a recovery lately. Hopefully will last a bit longer ))TP

MartinRTucker 08 Sep 2017

This appear to be on a bullish pattern Lots of people tipping this at the moment. I would say its going to be bullish not to buy some more,,,

ALAGUSAM 05 Sep 2017

Re: Resource upgrade Changed to a buy on british bulls

theprior 04 Sep 2017

Resource upgrade Hence recent rises. +10% again today.TP

MartinRTucker 31 Aug 2017

10% up Someone knows something?

BOWOOD 26 Aug 2017

Re: Share prophets I know I have said it before but keep an eye on the Political situation in Tanzania. This is where SOLO has its main interest and most potential.

rpg7 25 Aug 2017

Re: Share prophets I think someone needs to check the chart since consolidation.The current indicated spread is 10% +, so the sp has rocketed sideways.

theprior 24 Aug 2017

Re: Share prophets He has not noticed the steady rise over the last few sessions )TP

rpg7 24 Aug 2017

Re: Share prophets Looks like the old 'He ' aint got enough lift to help the sp.

UthredTheGrey 15 Aug 2017

Goldschmidt 2017 CJ Ballentine, of Dept Earth Sciences, Oxford Uni is giving a presentation in Paris today at Goldschmidt 2017 on the Rukwa project, Tanzania. Rukwa is 8-10% Helium. Copied below..[link] rifting and 4He reserves C.J. BALLENTINE1, P.H. BARRY1, K. FONTIJN1,D. HILLEGONDS1, J.J. BLUETT2, T.H. ABRAHAM-JAMES2, D. DANABALAN3, J.G. GLUYAS3, M.S. BRENNWALD4, B. PLÜSS4, D.M. SENESHEN5, B. SHERWOOD LOLLAR6 1 Dept. Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, UK2 Helium-One Limited, Lisbon 1200-479, Portugal3 Dept. Earth Sciences, Durham University, UK4 Eawag, CH-8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland5 Geochemical Insight, Denver, USA6 Dept. Earth Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada Helium is an essential element that has many industrial applications, but notably provides the unique cooling medium for superconducting magnets in medical MRI scanners and high energy beam lines. In 2013 the global supply chain failed to meet demand causing significant concern - the ‘Liquid Helium Crisis’[1]. To date, commercial helium is sourced as a byproduct in a few natural gas reservoirs that have focused 4He produced by the dispersed decay ( -particle) of U and Th in the crust. We show here, using the example of the Rukwa helium province, how continental rifting provides the combination of processes reuired to generate helium reserves. The ancient continental crust provides the source of 4He. Rifting and associated magmatism provides the tectonic and thermal mechanism to mobilise deep fluid circulation, focusing flow to the near surface along major basement faults. Helium-rich springs in the Tanzanian Great Rift Valley were first identified in the 1950’s[2]. The isotopic compositions and major element chemistry of the gases from springs and seeps are consistent with their release from the crystalline basement during rifting[3]. Within the Rukwa Rift Valley, helium seeps occur in the vicinity of trapping structures that have the potential to store significant reserves of helium[3]. Soil gas surveys over 6 prospective trapping structures (1m depth, n=1486) show helium anomalies in 5 out of the 6 at levels similar to those observed over a known helium-rich gas reservoir at 1200m depth (7% He - Harley Dome, Utah). Detailed macroseep gas compositions collected over two days (n=17) at one site allows us to distinguish shallow gas contributions and shows the deep gas to contain between 8-10% helium, significantly increasing resource estimates based on uncorrected values (1.8-4.2%)[2,3]. The remainder of the deep gas is dominantly N2 with trace levels of hydrocarbons, H2, CO2 and Ar. [1] [link] reports/upload/HeliumReport.pdf[2] T.C. James (1966) Transactions London Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 168-174, B1-18[3] Danabalan et al. (2016), Goldschmidt Abstract, 4150

theprior 15 Aug 2017

Re: Share prophets "The market" is merely an embodiment of "the herd"Good luck TP

rpg7 10 Aug 2017

Share prophets Looks like the market disagrees.

UthredTheGrey 07 Aug 2017

Re: ShareProphets - Helium I agree TP, it was an opportunity lost. I think it came at the wrong time. I don't like major dilution either but sometimes it's necessary. Maybe the bod will revisit this if/when they monetise Ntorya, I hope so. This is how the BBC saw it in June last year;[link] New Scientist;[link] and the Guardian;[link] telling the same story, the Dept of Earth Sciences at Oxford Uni have confirmed presence of helium at site in Great Rift Valley as stated on Helium One's website. The figures have changed since these articles, Helium One say that they have a 98.7bcf prospect, that's 2.795bcm. Taking data from [link] Tanzania has more helium than Canada and more than double Chinas' resource. This from one of H1's three prospects in Tanzania.RNS from 9.5.17 - "a further more detailed soil geochemistry survey is expected to commence in the third quarter of 2017 ... The work programme being undertaken in 2017 is intended to identify drillable prospects as soon as practical with drilling planned for 2018."

camperdown 07 Aug 2017

the wrong direction is how seen it so i got out,not that they dont have things going for them in going all of the way into helium they would have burnt what cash they had and come back begging for more.particularly with their percentage requirement for ukog drill and with money spent and investors unhappy,if the tanzania gov play hard-ball that would leave solo over a barrel.dyor